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marketing automation features

7 Features of Marketing Automation Which Can Change Your Business

In the age of Social Media and the enormous amount of incoming messages, choosing the appropriate marketing approach is a big challenge. Customers are sometimes “attacked” by content which seems to be insignificant to them. The solution that allows coping with these conditions is to automate your marketing activities.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning in Practice – Quora Competition

Internal Project is an initiative that involves the implementation of projects funded additionally. As part of the internal program, the technological and development ideas of Apollogic employees are supported. The project of our Big Data team was entitled “Quora Competition”.

sap hybris as a service microservices

SAP Hybris as a Service? Gain New Opportunities thanks to YaaS!

Do you remember how App-Store on your iPhone works? SAP Hybris YaaS Marketplace can be subscribed in a similar way. As a result, the user gets an access to create On-The-Fly solutions. These are mostly focused on e-commerce systems, like on-line stores.




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Standard Audit File

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The Apollogic SAF application is a comprehensive solution which supports all audit processes. It ensures quick dispatch to tax authorities, consistent with legal standards.

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