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Our Founders

Łukasz Radomski
CEO of Apollogic, Senior ERP Consultant

Sirko Pelzl
CTO of Apollogic, CRM Senior Cosultant

A good team is a basis for success.
Our company employs extraordinary personalities only.

We have extensive knowledge and experience which allow for effective work on every implemented project, both domestically and internationally.

Here are the foundations of our company

Our managers

Paweł Skiba
Innovation Team Leader

Monika Hoffmann-Kantorska
Hybris C4C / Marketing Team Leader

Tomasz Radomski
Sales Manager

Maciej Rygielski
Business Software Team Manager

Joanna Wójciak
Marketing Team Manager

Marcin Świderski
Business Intelligence Team Leader

Barbara Jaskuła – Janiak
Office Manager

Magdalena Bor
HR Manager

Jakub Własny
E-Commerce Team Leader

Sabina Imielska
Senior Delivery Manager

+ over 100 specialists

in 5 project areas:

SAP Consulting


Internet Rzeczy & BigData


Software House


Business Intelligence




Implementing international projects

from Poland, through Germany to the United States

Take advantage of the knowledge, skills and experience of our team.