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SAP BusinessObjects

Integrated analytical platform

SAP BusinessObjects is a BI platform designed for the needs of advanced data analyses. It is a tool used for storing, making available and managing reports, analyses and manager’s cockpits and preparing complex summaries and indicators based on all the data available in a company.  

Advanced options of SAP BusinessObjects BI platform allow, among others, for generating reports in specific time, distributing results to indicated e-mails, or comprehensive possibilities of managing access to respective reports/results. This portal also integrates with popular SAP BusinessWarehouse.

In Apollogic we support SAP BO solutions which include:

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence

A unique functionality of this tool is a possibility of using so called worlds of objects which enable the user to refer easily to pre-prepared data. Reports created by means of this solution may be analysed at the level of a browser and mobile devices.

SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards

This tool enables building manager’s cockpits based on data stored in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It allows analysts, fast and conveniently, to prepare advanced visualisations. An interesting functionality of this tool is creating  “what if” scenarios.

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

As with SAP BO Dashboards, this solution enables the creation of applications containing manager’s cockpits. The main data source for Design Studio are views coming from SAP HANA and OLAP blocks stored in SAP BW system.

We also offer the services within the scope of SAP Business Intelligence tools:

SAP Lumira

It is a convenient and user-friendly tool which in 4 simple steps allows the user to prepare advanced lists. The main application of this solution is the analysis of data coming from views created by means of SAP HANA and providing them to other employees.

SAP Predictive Analytics

It is an intuitive tool which, in a few steps, allows the user to import and prepare input data, perform analyses and visualisations. SAP Predictive Analytics has many standard analytical algorithms and enables creating extensions – for example with the use of R language.

SAP Crystal Reports

Owing to a wide range of functionalities, this solution allows for the performance of nearly every set of data and their presentation in a selected form. SAP Crystal Reports is a “pixel perfect” device, enabling practically any distribution of components, e.g. on A4 sheet. It is an advantage while creating reports for printing out.

SAP Roambi

It is a product which provides totally new possibilities of creating reports and analyses on mobile devices. Visualisations presented in Roambi are much more transparent and legible compared to competitive solutions. And due to a friendly interface, application operation is intuitive and convenient.

Our offer

  • SAP BO/BI Consulting
  • The implementation of SAP BO platform and SAP BI tools
  • The development of reports
  • The migration of the existing BI system to SAP Business Intelligence platform

Business benefits

Integration with SAP systems

Tools fully integrate with SAP systems, including the entire SAP Business Suite.

User Experience

Tools have simple and intuitive interfaces making their use convenient and pleasant.

Continuous development

SAP ensures constant tools development and supplementation with new functionalities, according to changing customers’ needs.

Integration with the existing customer’s architecture

SAP BO solutions easily integrate with other systems and IT architecture in an organisation.


Access to SAP BO solutions is possible from any devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Real-time data

Owing to SAP HANA technology, solutions enable the performance of analyses in real time, regardless of the amount of data.