Marketing automation ⌚ from SAP - Hybris Marketing

Hybris Marketing

Innovative marketing platform

What is Hybris Marketing?

Hybris Marketing is an environment used for managing marketing activities and relations with customers (marketing automation). A solution owned by SAP AG in real time allows for collecting and processing data on interactions and customer involvement level (involvement factor).

Collect data on customers. Get to know them. Reach customers with an appropriate offer.

Hybris Marketing is a tool responding to the needs of contemporary organisations and a system consistent with the latest trends in customer management. While traditional marketing focuses on creating and sending as high as possible number of advertisement messages, Hybris ensures access to the newest data on a customer and allows for reaching a carefully selected group of recipients. Hybris Marketing enables familiarising with and understating the need and motivations of target customers. Owing to the knowledge of consumer insight it is feasible to create personalised advertisement campaigns, and customers are not overwhelmed with impudent advertisement messages. It enables marketing automation.

Analyse customer data without limits.

Traditional CRM systems have limitations of the number of data processed and criteria used in analysing. Hybris Marketing allows for unlimited data analysis and generating complex inquiries, thus generating reports which are more detailed and thorough.

Make use of the latest trends: Omnichannel, Customer Journey Map, Social CRM.

Hybris Marketing ensures the integration of data coming from offline and online sales channels, and also the creation of multi-channel marketing campaigns (marketing automation). This system also enables the building of Customer Journey Map. Collecting information on the transactions performed or shopping customs allows for creating an effective marketing strategy. Hybris Marketing also ensures integration with social media. Owing to the Social Intelligence module, data from social portals may be loaded in the system and used in subsequent analyses.

The main functionalities of Hybris Marketing environment

The calculation and analysis of data on customers coming from many channels

Creating predictive analyses and reports based on available data

Recommendation system – proposing marketing activities for respective customer groups

Customer segmentation based on selected criteria in real time

Creating and implementing marketing campaigns e.g. mailing and SMS campaigns dedicated to selected customer groups

Marketing planning – planning a budget dedicated to marketing activities

Our offer

  • The installation and configuration of Hybris Marketing environment
  • The integration of a tool with SAP systems
  • Extending the existing instances with new functionalities
  • The modification of standard functionalities
  • Advisory services within the scope of environmental functionalities, e.g. designing target groups, selecting rates, performing customer segmentation

Business benefits

Real-time data

System is an ultra-fast solution based on SAP HANA which enables the processing of data on customers in real time.

Predictive analysis

By means of an analytical module, the system enables predicting future behaviours of customers, shopping decisions and market trends.

Integration with SAP

Hybris system fully integrates with SAP system, including CRM module, ERP module and Hybris Commerce environment.

Unique Customer Experience

This environment enables reaching a carefully selected customer group with an advertising message by means of the most appropriate communication channel.

Marketing agility

This system allows for avoiding costs related to ineffective marketing activities and managing promotional campaigns in an efficient and rational manner.

Independent system

This solution offers full functionality without the need for integrating with other systems.

Effective marketing strategy

Proper advertisement targeting guarantees the building of loyalty and trust among customers and ensures selling profitability to a company.

User Experience

Hybris is a simple and intuitive solution which uses drag & drop techniques and the latest UX trends in order to increase user experience.

Extension possibility

By means of the open architecture, the system offers extension possibilities – both adjustment of standard applications and adding new ones, for example: SAPUI5, Lumira reports.