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SAP Business Warehouse

SAP Business Data Warehouse

What is SAP Business Warehouse?

SAP Business Warehouse is a well-known product – a SAP data warehouse providing a full range of tools for processing, storing and reporting data. SAP BW on HANA is another step in the evolution of this system – by means of a well-known interface, a developer has access to a range of new functionalities offered by HANA database engine.

Through the integration with other SAP systems, and also any databases, SAP BW system enables the management of transaction data from the entire company. Such a solution also allows for constructing cross analyses from various business areas. The system is equipped with a rich engine managing authorisations, which simplifies the process of granting authorisations to users.

SAP Business Warehouse easily integrates with other systems from SAP family. A set of ready for use extractors and data models enables the fast implementation of reporting based on any source SAP system.

If you already have SAP BW, migration to SAP HANA may be attractive to you due to the increase of the efficiency of data processing and new more flexible tools (SAP HANA Studio).

If you do not have BW system but OLTP system from SAP family, SAP HANA is also recommended choice due to the simplicity of integration of these products. An interesting alternative for such solution may be also SAP HANA standalone.

Migration SAP data warehouse (SAP BW) to a database based on SAP HANA is a relatively simple and fast operation. But the migration itself is not enough. The pre-implementation analysis and regressive tests may take a lot of time depending on the complexity of processes in the migrated system.

Our offer

  • The implementation and development of products based on SAP BW
  • SAP BW migration to SAP HANA
  • The integration of SAP BW with other SAP systems
  • Reporting and analysis
  • SAP BW dedicated applications

Business benefits

Access to a wide range of business analytic tools

SAP BW provides a range of functionalities used for processing, storing and reporting company data.

Business data management available from one tool

SAP BW is a tool which enables control over company information from one access point.

The integration of data from SAP systems

Reporting in SAP BW is possible based on any SAP system, for example SAP CRM, SAP ERP and SAP SRM.

Migration to SAP HANA database platform

Transferring SAP BW to SAP HANA facilitates the processing of voluminous data, making the process nearly immediate.

Ready report solutions

SAP BW provides many ready reporting solutions.

Easy connection with data from external sources

SAP BW easily integrates with other database and application platforms, not only products offered by SAP.