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SAPUI5 web applications
application implementation


Prior to the implementation of new solutions, employees who wanted to order specific goods (e.g. a new laptop, pencils, etc.) had to send an e-mail to their superiors asking for acceptance. If such an order was approved, a similar e-mail had to be sent to the administration with a detailed description of products. This procedure took a lot of time and there were frequent errors in orders. This procedure was complicated and it required a lot of time and additional resources.

Within this context, the company’s aim was to replace the current system with the new transparent solution which was to ensure better control over the shopping process and to be available from the level of any mobile device.


  • Implementation of 3 applications based on the SAPUI5 technology connected with the SAP SRM and the SAP ERP system by means of the OData protocol
  • Applications support the entire internal shopping process of the company
  • Applications are available at the level of all mobile devices and on all systems


  • Owing to the applications implemented, employees are able to complete orders in a simple and fast way,
  • Superiors are able to accept or reject the orders of their employees in an effective manner, what facilitates their fulfilment,
  • Superiors have transparent insight to the history of orders,
  • The implementation of this solution reduces significantly an average waiting time for the goods ordered – from 3 weeks to 1 week,
  • Applications use the computational capacity of the HANA database, thus the system is not loaded additionally,
  • Solutions allows for the increase of order control.