Big Data analytics


What is Aposentinel?

Aposentinel is a Big Data analytics environment which enables real time data analysis and their effective visualisation. This solution allows to connect large volumes of data having different structure, coming from many sources in order to obtain a better insight into the organisation and company’s customers.

Thanks to the Aposentinel environment, it is possible to integrate data coming from company systems (for example, sales applications or loyalty programs) with external data coming from social media, search engines or IoT devices.

Aposentinel allows performing sentiment analysis thanks to which companies can test the opinions of their clients about the product or service. Moreover, thanks to advanced geolocation functions they can find out where in the world information comes from, and analyse it in real-time.

Reports created on the basis of Aposentinel in connection with data analysis offer complex 360° outlook on the clients, ensuring multilevel analysis of the organization, as well as creating new predictive possibilities for the company. Thus, companies, already today, may perform complex reports, predict trends and prepare an organisation to changing customers’ needs. Aposentinel is a Big Data analytics solution which will help you measure effects of your marketing campaigns, better identify the areas requiring marketing support in real-time, as well as get to know and understand your client.

Business benefits

Data integration

Aposentinel uses Big Data capabilities and allows to connect varied data from many sources, thus enabling managers to take better business decisions.

Availability on all the devices

This environment is available on all devices so the users have constant access to dashboards presenting data in real time.

Real-time reports and analyses

Aposentinel helps monitor data in real-time, forecast trends, and helps identify areas which require additional marketing activities.

Dedicated functionalities

A solution may be adjusted to the needs of a given organisation according to the sector specificity and operational area.

Customer insight

The solution helps get to know the customers opinions and classify them better, thus companies may target advertising messages directly to a specified group.

Simple and intuitive interface

Interactive dashboards help visualise necessary data in a clear and easy way.