We create advanced and functional web applications and mobile solutions. We love transparent and aesthetic interfaces.

  • We start each project with the understanding of the Customer’s business and needs.
  • We help in establishing requirements in order to maximise a delivered business value.
  • Our implementation teams comprise of specialists, UX and UI Designers, and experienced Project Managers.
  • We ensure access to various competences as part of one implementation team.

Our superpowers

User Experience

We follow the latest trends in UX/UI area. While designing web and mobile applications, we aim at simplicity and user-friendliness. We take care of their aesthetics and attractive look.

Software creation speed

We use technologies enabling fast software development. The experienced DevOps Department supports us in the project implementation.


Unit, integration and behavioural tests (TDD) are a permanent practice for us in creating and developing reliable applications. In addition, code review and continuous integration makes us sure that our solutions are top quality products.

The process of building solutions

We design our solutions based on the Agile methodology. This approach enables the fast achievement of progress and our Customers can monitor our work on a current basis. We also use traditional methodologies and PRINCE2 in designing our software. Regardless of  the chosen methodology of work management, we ensure extensive automatic tests and also unit, integration and behavioural tests (TDD). While designing solutions, we focus on the application high quality and fast introduction into the market. We also pay special attention to the User Experience and design; therefore, our solutions are not only intuitive and user-friendly but they also look perfectly.

Our services

What can we do for you?