SAP BusinessObjects Cloud

Application for business analytics

SAP BusinessObjects Cloud (formerly Cloud for Analytics) is the newest solution offered by SAP AG within BI for companies in the cloud. SAP BusinessObjects Cloud application is available in SaaS model and does not require to install software on the part of a customer. This solution is based on an innovative SAP HANA Cloud Platform environment which guarantees fast and efficient data processing.

SAP BusinessObjects Cloud combines the functions of planning, reporting and analysing in a single tool. This BI for companies application ensures access to data from many sources which enables the user to carry out analysis in real time from not only data inside organisation but also data from the external surroundings of a company.


SAP BOC enables easier planning and sharing analyses within an organisation.


The system has an intuitive interface which allows for creating rich visualisations nearly on the fly.

Predictive analytics

This tool helps creating forecasts, finding key customers or examining deviations.

SAP Digital Boardroom

This module enables the presentation of visualisations on large screens in a legible and effective manner.

SAP BusinessObjects Cloud provides access to data by the following two means: online and through importing.

In the first case, data replication is not necessary, thus enabling real time data analysis. In this way, data may be uploaded from HANA database (from HANA instance in an organisation and from SAP HCP), and also SAP BW and S/4HANA systems. In the second case, data must be firstly loaded to the tool and then may be fully adjusted to the needs and used for visualisations and analyses. A choice of a source is in this case nearly unlimited.

The most important ones used by SAP BusinessObjects Cloud application are as follows:

  • public data clouds (Google Drive, Salesforce),
  • databases (MS SQL, Oracle),
  • information from social media (e.g. Facebook) or the worlds of objects known from an on-premise solution.

Our offer

  • Tool installation and configuration
  • The configuration of connections with data sources
  • The creation of analytical models
  • The creation of visualisations and reports

Business benefits

SaaS solution

This application does not need to be installed on a computer and there is no need of buying a licence. SAP BOC guarantees performing analyses online on each device with the Internet access.

Savings and convenience

A solution in the cloud guarantees higher work comfort and lower costs of installation, maintenance and usage.


SAP BOC has international safety certificates and data are subject to full security without generating additional costs for the customer.

Real-time data

The system makes use of the potential of SAP HCP environment and ultra-fast in-memory SAP HANA technology which allows for the performance of analyses in real time, regardless of the quantity of data.

The integration of data from many sources

The system provides access to various data sources from SAP systems and systems of other producers.

User Experience

SAP BusinessObjects Cloud is a simple and intuitive solution which uses the newest UX practices for increasing the comfort of user’s work.