Big Data & IoT in SAP systems

What does IoT mean and how does it combine with Big Data?

As a standard, the Internet is accessed by means of computers, telephones or machines. But it is an increasingly common practice that cars, televisions, clocks, washing machines, fridges and even bulbs are connected to the Internet. Such an approach enables monitoring their condition or activity or even controlling them from any place in the world. In Apollogic we offer smart car & smart office solutions for companies of any size. 

The remote control of devices guarantees not only convenience but also savings and it generates significant profits. Data collected from equipment may be analysed with the use of the Big Data technology. It allows for the effective process optimisation, as well as it provides services which are customised better and limit the involvement of a human factor to the necessary minimum.

Big Data and IoT – ideal synergy

Big Data and IoT solutions may be created based on open environments, such as Hadoop and Spark and other compatible tools (Kibana or Elasticsearch). It is also possible to create services making use of modern SAP products, such as SAP HANA, SAP HANA VORA, SAP HANA Cloud Platform and analytical libraries (PAL, BFL). 

Devices and sensors generate enormous volumes of data with a varied structure. This causes problems in storing, processing and analysing. Big Data solutions are helpful here; they help in ordering data. The analysis of historical data in combination with the analysis of a data stream in real time and prediction allows for rapid response and taking the best decisions in as short time as possible.

Smart Heating Apollogic author's solution

Smart heating belongs to our smart office solutions. This tool is used in heat consumption measurements in the real time for the purpose of dividing heating costs into respective settlement units. At the same time, this system enables access to temperature, thermal and humidity data and their analysis and visualization in real time. 

This solution is used in buildings with different occupants, such as: housing cooperatives, companies, owners of single family houses, lessees of offices and conglomerates associating various entities.

Our offer

  • The implementation and development of IoT solutions based on SAP HANA/ SAP HANA Cloud Platform/ SAP HANA VORA
  • The implementation and development of IoT solutions based on Apache Spark/ Hadoop, Kibana, Elasticsearch, analytical libraries (PAL, BFL)
  • The creation and development of Big Data IoT solutions customised to respective companies
  • IoT devices prototyping
  • Access to Big Data analyses from IoT devices

Business benefits

Better process control

The integration of IoT with Big Data ensures better data access, which facilitates efficiency, reduces failure frequency and response time, and taking correct business decisions.

Real time data analysis

An ability to take less risky business decisions increases by means of analysing most recent information, as well as based on historical data knowledge.

Process automation

A significant part of processes is automated and by means of historical data analysis and machine teaching a lot of decisions may be taken automatically.

Possibility of processing voluminous data

Technology development, including analytical algorithms, enables the implementation of new and highly effective methods of data exploration.