DevOps services

The collaboration between development and operations staff

Do the following situations occur in your programming team?

A statement “A new server is needed” meets with awkward silence and there is no volunteer to perform this task. When, eventually, a server is bought, it does not work properly because it turns out that the testing environment differs from the production environment.
Good monitoring becomes a must because you react incorrectly to the following statement: “We have so many bugs that we did not notice those with realistic influence on the application operation”.
Developers ask for access to the production environment because they want to carry out minor repairs. But the team spends the entire weekend on corrections to save SLA.
When something is wrong, you do not know whether this is the fault of the network, servers, data base or  DNSes. Or there is an error in the application? Or a service in the auxiliary server is out of order?
The implementation of a new software version prolongs due to numerous errors whose correction results in yet another transferring through the entire process of building and implementing the solution.
Your team includes only one developer who can do implementation and save the project from a catastrophe. You feel like fainting if he gets sick or goes on holidays.

If you are familiar with one of the above situations, get to know DevOps services, which will allow you, quickly and without any problems,  to deliver your product/service to the Customer.

DevOps practices is the joint work of the network administrators and developers over the development and maintenance of the software. Their task is to shorten the time of creating products and to facilitate the work of developing teams.

DevOps – identifying and fixing bottlenecks in software delivery process. If Time-To-Market is important for you, you definitely need DevOps Services.

Maciej Rygielski, Business Software Team Leader

Our offer

  • Outsourcing of DevOps teams
  • Outsourcing of DevOps specialists
  • Consulting services

Business Benefits

Fast implementation

DevOps allows for shortening the time for product/service delivery.

Joint environment

DevOps provides the joint work environment and ensures better synergy between developing and implementing teams.

Costs reduction

Owing to effective error detection and prevention of risky implementations, DevOps effectively reduces the costs of programming works.

Implementation stability

Bugs are detected in test environments before being transferred to the production, which reduces time and effort needed for their repair.

Increased efficiency

Developers may implement programming works instead of devoting time on product/service implementation.

Permanent monitoring

DevOps ensures constant control over the process of delivering a solution, and it also enables monitoring of the infrastructure stability, increasing the team’s operational liquidity.