Analytics and reporting

Complex Business Intelligence solutions

Large, medium-sizes and small companies have to cope with a problem of constantly increasing quantity of data. In order to discover significant connections between them and factors affecting an organisation’s business outcome, companies need proper tools and systems, aiding data processing and analysing (business intelligence).

The analysis of the business conducted is possible owing to business intelligence tools whose correct use allows for the effective company management through providing reliable and complete information on every company department.

In Apollogic we offer consulting services and tools servicing:


BI Platform for performing advanced business analyses.

This tool ensures data visualisation in an understandable and attractive way. Access to data and analyses are available in real time and also at any mobile device. This solution has a simple and intuitive interface which enables convenient work with the tool.

Tibco Spotfire

The tool for creating interactive and modern data visualisations.

This business intelligence solution allows analysts to perform ad hoc analyses and provides the results to other users in the form of ready-made dashboards. Tibco ensures the analysis and modelling of data coming from many sources, including ERP systems and Excel sheets.


The tool for effective visualisation and efficient exploration of data.

Thanks to in memory technology, Tableau enables the instant performance of an operation on data, not overloading the customer’s database. This tool is characteristic for a simple and transparent interface, based on drag & drop solutions.


Fast and intuitive tool for visualisation analytics.

This solution generates reports and process data in real time. It has also embedded predictive functions, allowing for predicting future events and trends.

SAS Business Intelligence

Environment for self-creation of reports and performing analyses.

SAP BI is a complete platform which provides one cohesive and end-to-end view of the organisation and enables the optimisation and control of the company’s resources. Apart from generating reports and analyses, this environment provides functionalities covering the image of statistics, predictive analyses, text and data of mining and forecasting.

Power BI

Microsoft Cloud service for fast and efficient visualisation and data analyses.

Thanks to embedded navigation desktops, tool users have access to voluminous dynamic data, interactive reports, and also attractive visualisations. Power BI allows for creating reports based on many various sources. Additionally, reports may be provided to other users on any mobile tools.

Our offer

  • Consulting on choosing a Business Intelligence tools
  • Implementation of BI tools/platforms
  • Support services
  • Creation of reports and analyses

Business benefits

Transparent data presentation

Generated reports are available in clear arrangements and section such as tables, diagrams and maps.

Interactive dashboards

Solutions allow for the creation of advanced visualisations and interactive dashboards, equipped with effectiveness indices, diagrams and maps.

Time saving

These tools, in an express manner, allow for performing advanced operations on data and significant increasing of the speed of information obtaining.

Fast and convenient access

BI tools enable access to analyses by means of the Internet browser, e-mail, and any mobile devices.


Data may be loaded from internal company systems, such as ERP and CRM, as well as external sources, such as: public statistics, market analyses, etc.

Predictive analytics

BI solutions allows for creating prognoses with the use of data mining tools.