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Planning and forecasting

with SAP Analytics Cloud

Business Intelligence solutions are constantly evolving to support decision-makers in setting the right strategy and aligning the company’s activities with its primary goals. SAP Analytics Cloud offers standard Business Intelligence reporting features, advanced planning tools, and predictive analysis powered by machine learning in one cloud environment.

Planning capabilities for business

SAP Analytics Cloud


  • Budget planning
  • Current performance & forecasts monitoring
  • Sales and price analysis


  • Planning campaigns and promotions
  • Measuring the impact of marketing activities on sales


  • Process optimization
  • Production management


  • Project management
  • Cost and resource planning
Planning & Forecasting

Business benefits

saving resources

Saving resources

Using a single platform that offers advanced Business Intelligence and planning capabilities, e.g., Allocations, Data Values Trees, Data Actions, and leveraging the right tools, you can accelerate critical processes and save costs.

Predicting outcomes

Predicting outcomes

With Smart Predict features and forecasting algorithms, you can predict future performance and estimate the results of planned activities, making it easier to recognize emerging opportunities and make strategic decisions.

Built-in planning features allow quick simulations according to several scenarios

Scenario analysis

Built-in planning features allow quick simulations according to several scenarios – “what-if” analyses. Furthermore, with the version management feature, the user can save all tested scenarios.

Tracking the execution of company strategy

Tracking the execution of company strategy

Advanced reports allow you to benchmark company performance, monitor budget execution, and track how a decision made in one department affects all other branches.

Analysis for Office

Integration with Analysis for Office

With the Analysis for Office integration, you can complete planning tasks in the Microsoft environment and perform analysis directly in the spreadsheet.

Krystyna Kabsch

By discovering the capabilities of SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning, you will understand that SAC is much more than just a reporting tool. With its help, you can build a competitive advantage by using advanced algorithms that will improve the performance of your business.

Krystyna Kabsch, Business Intelligence Consultant

Integration capabilities








SAP Business Planning and Consolidation




SAP BPC Embedded in BW/4HANA

Our offer

Pre-implementation analysis

Pre-implementation analysis

Implementation and maintenance

Implementation and maintenance of data models, advanced planning reports and Analysis for Office

advanced planning features

Implementation of SAP Analytics Cloud advanced planning features

Consulting and training of end-users

Consulting and training of end-users

Why Apollogic?

SAP Partner

Certified SAP partner

As an SAP authorized partner, we have acquired the necessary skills to build, expand, and improve technology platforms to address current business needs.

Cross-cutting competences

A team of experienced consultants

Our knowledge of SAP modules and experience in implementing projects for medium-sized and large companies allows us to create solutions tailored to the dynamic business environment.

complete solutions

Cross-cutting competence

We have expertise in business processes and the latest technological solutions, which helps us adjust Business Intelligence tools to the expectations of end-users.

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Paweł Różycki

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