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AI solutions for your business

Unlock the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has long since ceased to be a popular buzzword or a technology straight out of sci-fi movies. You can harness the potential of AI today to give your company a competitive advantage. Apollogic has been building expertise and experience in this area for years – our experts, operating under the brand the, are ready to help you on this journey.

Benefits for your company

Business process automation

Business process automation

AI algorithms enable the automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing employees to focus on more strategic aspects of their work, reducing costs and the risk of errors.

Encouraging innovation

Encouraging innovation

Generative AI serves to generate new ideas and concepts that can accelerate product and service development, stimulating innovation at every stage of the business.

More efficient data analysis

Artificial intelligence can analyze huge data sets, extracting key information so you can make informed business and strategic decisions.

trend prediction

Trend prediction

Using predictive analytics enables you to anticipate market changes, purchasing trends and potential operational downtime, allowing you to react proactively and gain a competitive advantage.

data security

Increased security

Advanced traffic monitoring and facial recognition technologies serve to both secure access to your infrastructure and data, as well as employee security.



Artificial intelligence facilitates the creation of a personalized offering, tailored to the needs of a specific customer. By using AI, you will improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and provide customers with exceptional experience.

Our offer

generative ai

Generative AI

Use LLM technologies to automate processes, create content, analyze data, etc. - all while communicating with a machine as if it was a human.

video analysis

Video analysis

Harness the potential of your data from CCTV cameras, computer images and other visual information sources.

3d movement detection

3D motion recognition

Detect and track movement patterns to improve safety, analyze data and increase efficiency of business processes.

predictive analysis

Predictive analysis

Analyze large data sets to predict and anticipate trends, identify risks and make responsible and beneficial decisions.

Why Apollogic

holistic approach

Holistic approach

Utilizing our experience in different industries and technologies, we will approach your project cross-technologically and help you choose a solution tailored to your needs.

strong team

Strong team

Apollogic is made up of more than a hundred certified engineers, developers, architects, consultants and designers, working closely together in various projects.

ai technologies

Cutting-edge technologies

From popular business applications (SAP, Microsoft) to AI and IoT solutions, our experts systematically expand their knowledge to put it to use in upcoming projects.

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Joanna Krasińska

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