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SAP Datasphere

Enterprise-ready cloud data warehousing

The new solution from the SAP product portfolio, previously known as SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, enables business users and IT professionals to analyze data, spot hidden patterns, and turn them into valuable insights, supporting data-driven decision-making. With SAP Datasphere, you can unify all your company data across multi-cloud and on-premises repositories in real time.

By 2025, cloud computing will be pervasive. Cloud will drive not only technological innovation but also serve as the foundation for business innovation.

“The Future of the DBMS Market Is Cloud” Gartner report

Benefits for your company


Self-service data modeling

Business users can easily model and explore data while unleashing resources in the IT department. With SAP Datasphere, you can build tables using a drag-and-drop mechanism and benefit from Cube Builder, Graphical View & SQL approach.

Centralne przechowywanie danych

Scalability and

SAP Datasphere is a scalable, flexible and open solution that will suit any enterprise, regardless of its size. Different pricing models allow you to tailor computing and storage resources to your organization's current needs.

wygodny model płatności


With SAP Datasphere, you can build a virtual space for all company reports and analyses, integrating all distributed data sources into a single unified solution. With defined access rights, business users can share reports with a selected group of viewers within the company.

wygodny model płatności

Integrated analytics

Through native integration with SAP Analytics Cloud, users can create complex data models and visualize key metrics to uncover hidden connections and correlations between variables. Built-in ML & AI will help you gain deeper insights into data models.

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SAP Datasphere capabilities

Wsparcie użytkowników biznesowych

Supporting business users

SAP Datasphere is the first data warehouse on the market designed for both IT and business users. By combining and harmonizing data, decision-makers can make more proactive moves based on advanced analytics.

Technologia chmurowa

Extend your data warehousing to the cloud

When you deploy a cloud data warehouse in a company, you can be sure that all members of your organization work on the same data sets simultaneously, without the need to duplicate flat files or send them to selected users. SAP Datasphere doesn’t require additional installations and can be accessed from the browser.

Dostęp do wszystkich źródeł danych

Access to all on-premise & cloud data sources

A modern data warehouse based on SAP HANA Cloud allows integrating data from multiple sources – flat files, both SAP or non-SAP systems and other cloud and on-premise enterprise solutions.

Wbudowana platforma analityczna

Built-in analytics platform

While SAP Analytics Cloud focuses mainly on reporting, SAP Datasphere is primarily used to create more complex data models. By combining the capabilities of both solutions, business users get access to a complete analytical environment managed by the IT department.

Our offer


Pre-implementation analysis, deployment and development of the existing warehouse


Consulting and workshops covering conceptual & implementation stages


Integrating SAP Datasphere with SAP HANA Cloud,
as well as other cloud & local data sources


Integration with reporting layers, including SAP Analytics Cloud


Solution maintenance


Training for end-users

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Paweł Różycki

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