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SAP system implementations and rollouts

As an official SAP partner, we specialize in providing comprehensive SAP implementation and rollout services tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our years of experience and deep knowledge of SAP technology allow us to create solutions that not only meet business expectations, but also contribute to digital transformation and increased operational efficiency in our clients’ organizations.

Tailoring solutions to your unique requirements

sap partner

Apollogic offers a comprehensive set of IT consulting services, whether you want to build your infrastructure from scratch or expand it. Our consulting services focus on understanding and meeting individual business needs.

Technology-neutrality in the consulting and advisory process allows us to tailor solutions to individual client needs, without top-down imposition of specific tools or platforms. Clients may have different preferences and existing infrastructures, so neutrality allows flexibility in designing solutions.

sap systems implementations

SAP systems implementations

As an official SAP partner, we offer SAP implementation services covering the full range of activities - from initial analysis and planning, through system configuration and customization, to user training and post-implementation support. We understand that every organization is unique, so our approach is always individually tailored to meet the specific requirements and business goals of our clients. Our team of SAP experts combines industry best practices with innovative solutions to ensure maximum value from your system implementation.

Rollouts of SAP systems

Rollouts of SAP systems

In the case of rollouts, our team focuses on adapting and extending existing SAP systems, which have already been implemented in the headquarters or other branches of the company, to the specific conditions and requirements of the local Polish market. We handle all aspects of the rollout - from localization and customization of functionality, to integration with other systems, to training and user support. Our years of experience as an official SAP partner in international projects allow us to effectively manage the complexities and challenges that the rollout process brings, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation.

Exploring the domains where we implement SAP solutions.

client in the center

Customer at
the center

Discover how to personalize your message and create a wow effect at every stage of the customer's purchasing journey.

SAP Emarsys, SAP C4C

business analytics


In the digital world, numerical data fuels modern business. Find out if you're fully leveraging their potential.

SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Datasphere

transformation of purchase


A single view of expenses across the entire company and full digitization of procurement from source to pay.

SAP Ariba, SAP Business Network

finance and accounting solutions

Finance and accounting solutions

Maintain compliance with Ministry requirements with financial solutions integrated with your SAP systems.

SAP DRC, e-Invoicing, SAF-T, White List

SAP Analytics Cloud
sap ariba
SAP Analytics Cloud
sap ariba

Each implementation or rollout of an SAP system is an opportunity to optimize processes, increase efficiency and, as a result, gain a real market advantage for our customers. Our experience shows that properly tailored SAP solutions can significantly accelerate business operations and open up completely new opportunities for growth. We therefore strive to make every SAP implementation project not only a technological success, but above all a strategic victory for your company.

Maciej Osuchowski, Senior Delivery Manager

Why Apollogic


SAP authorized partner with extensive experience

As an official SAP partner, we not only have the appropriate certifications, but most importantly, extensive experience in implementing complex projects. Our knowledge and experience guarantee that each implementation is carried out in accordance with industry best practices.


Innovative and forward-looking solutions

Our approach to SAP implementations is characterized by innovation and a focus on future-proof solutions. We are constantly tracking and implementing new technologies to ensure that our services are not only up-to-date, but also anticipate future business needs.


Comprehensive services tailored to the customer's needs

We offer a full range of services, from initial analysis, design and implementation to support and training. Our solutions are always tailored to the individual needs and specifics of each client's business, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness of projects.


High quality and effective implementation

Thanks to our experience and expertise, each implementation is characterized by high quality and efficiency. We pay close attention to detail to ensure that each project delivers the expected results and contributes to the business success of our clients.

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Joanna Krasińska

Joanna Krasińska

Lead Nurturing & Growth Specialist