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IT systems integration

Combining the solution with your existing IT architecture

The benefits of specialized systems supporting sales, logistics, customer service management, manufacturing, and other key business processes are numerous. Still, the best results are achieved when these tools are integrated. The most efficient solutions are those that can work together, communicating in real-time, and making their resources available to one another. It allows you to analyse and respond to changes in your organization.

See how we integrated SAP with Teams & Slack messaging

SAP <-> Slack demo

SAP Ariba <-> Microsoft Teams demo

What can we do for you?

integracja systemów

We'll ensure integration of the solution with the company's existing IT architecture, including SAP systems

dostosowanie oprogramowania

We'll adapt the software to the needs of your organization


We'll advise you at every stage of cooperation by providing consulting services in the area of system integration

Benefits for your company


Increased workflow

Information entered in one system is automatically updated in others


Flexibility and quick access

Unlimited data flow between teams, departments and headquarters


Data integrity

Data doesn't have to be entered into several separate systems, which means that there are no more mistakes or outdated information.


Saving time and money

No requirements to have multiple licenses for independent tools and no need to log on to different systems constantly

Which systems do we integrate?

Our specialists integrate many different systems, whether they’re based on traditional, proprietary databases, written specifically for your company or complex systems of external companies (SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Comarch, and others).

Integracja systemów

The most common integrations:

  • Web applications that exchange data with existing systems and infrastructure
  • ERP system integration with marketing tools and CRM system
  • Integration of analytical tools with the financial and accounting system
  • Integration of the warehouse system with the financial and accounting system

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