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IT Advice and Consultancy

Realize the potential of your IT infrastructure

Need support in selecting the right software, hardware, or security solutions?

Our IT consultancy services are the key to successful technology management. With our many years of experience and extensive expertise, we help businesses achieve significant benefits and maximize the potential of their infrastructure.

Analysis in consultancy services is a key process, involving the assessment of various areas of the client’s business. Consultants analyze the environment, IT infrastructure, operational processes, or cyber security. The analysis aims to gain a complete picture of the client’s situation so that personalized strategies and solutions can be tailored. This is a key stage in the consultancy process to effectively support the client in achieving business goals.

We respond to your needs

Apollogic offers a comprehensive set of IT consulting services, whether you want to build your infrastructure from scratch or expand it. Our consulting services focus on understanding and meeting individual business needs.

Technologiczna neutralność w procesie doradztwa i konsultingu pozwala dostosować rozwiązania do indywidualnych potrzeb klienta, bez odgórnego narzucania konkretnych narzędzi czy platform. Klienci mogą mieć różne preferencje i istniejące już infrastruktury, dlatego neutralność umożliwia elastyczność w projektowaniu rozwiązań.


Zidentyfikujesz potencjalne obszary do oszczędności

You will identify potential areas for savings by rationalizing and optimizing your IT infrastructure.

Lepiej zarządzisz procesami biznesowymi

Better manage your business processes with tailored tools and systems.

Analiza infrastruktury IT

Through a comprehensive analysis of your IT infrastructure, you will receive assistance in selecting the right technologies and tools per your business needs.

Otrzymasz dostęp do zaawansowanych usług

You will get access to advanced services that enable flexibility and scalability by helping you migrate to the cloud.

Zapewnisz cyberbezpieczeństwo

You will ensure cyber security with support in identifying and minimizing risks.

Technologie i rozwiązania jakie warto wybrać

We will suggest which technologies to choose and which solution from those available on the market will best suit your needs.

What areas can we help you with?

Analysis and verification of your technology environment

We will conduct a comprehensive analysis of your environment and examine how current technology is helping or hindering your business. We will assess the key areas for improvement and identify the most urgent ones.

Assessing the security status and comprehensiveness of your infrastructure protection

Our activities include identifying potential threats, auditing your systems, implementing appropriate security measures, and providing staff training to ensure the complete security and stability of your IT operations.

Analysis of readiness for implementation of cloud solutions

We carry out a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s readiness for cloud deployments, which includes an assessment of your infrastructure, systems integration, and migration strategy, to ensure a smooth and efficient process of adaptation to new technologies.

Planning the digital transformation path

Through activities that take into account the identification of business objectives, the analysis of current processes, the implementation of appropriate tools, and the continuous monitoring of progress, we will plan each step aimed at achieving optimal digital transformation results.

Why Apollogic

Our offerings are the key to business success in today’s digital world. Contact us to learn how we can support your business on the path to effective use of technology.


The Apollogic team consists of over 100 experts specializing in the development of modern tools


As an official partner of leading technology providers, including SAP, Microsoft, AWS, nVidia, and Raspberry PI, we have experience in implementing and maintaining many systems


The certificates we have obtained confirm the competence, knowledge, and qualifications of our specialists


We have a cross-sectional, constantly upgraded competence and knowledge of business processes and the latest technological solutions


We provide a flexible cooperation model

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Joanna Krasińska

Joanna Krasińska

Lead Nurturing & Growth Specialist