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SAP Ariba

The digital transformation of procurement

SAP Ariba is:

SAP Ariba is a solution that enables you to manage your procurement processes comprehensively. From the moment you need to pay for the delivered goods or services. All in one place, in a convenient and automated way.

How does SAP Ariba work?

Supplier network management

All suppliers, cooperation history, contracts and terms and conditions are available in one click.

Thousands of products available

Due to product catalogues, information about their availability and price, you can order quickly and efficiently.

online process

Purchase approval and automated processes make work easier and faster.


Invoicing is integrated into the entire purchasing process. In this way you can be sure that the invoices are linked to the relevant orders.

What does this mean for your company?


Process improvement

Reduce your administrative work to 80% by standardizing and automating purchasing processes in your company.


Digital document workflow

SAP Ariba automatically takes information from both paper documents and PDFs, simplifying and standardizing your purchasing processes.


Saving time and money

The automation of the source-to-pay process generates a cost reduction which finances the system implementation within 18 months.


Access to the Ariba Network

The world’s biggest supplier base allows you to increase security and gain new business opportunities.

For who?

The solution is designed for large and medium-sized companies, regardless of the industry. Currently, the solution
is used by thousands of companies around the world – both those that have SAP system and those that do not have it yet.

SAP Ariba is a solution primarily for companies

SAP Ariba to rozwiązanie dla firm z rozbudowanymi działami zakupów

With extensive purchasing departments

Requiring specialized tools
for reporting and ensuring
process efficiency.

SAP Ariba to rozwiązanie dla firm korzystających z dużej sieci dostawców

Using a large supplier network

Thus facing the issue of spending
a lot of time on communication and collecting
information on the availability of goods.

SAP Concur to rozwiązanie to narzędzie dedykowane organizacjom potrzebującym przejrzystego wglądu do budżetu przeznaczonego na podróże służbowe

Optimizing costs

Both related to the improvement
of purchasing processes and the reduction
of paperwork and documents.

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How much does it cost?

Each implementation will differ depending on the size of the company, its revenues, actual expenses and the number of documents generated during the purchasing processes. A standard implementation including the most important modules necessary to improve procurement processes is finished in 14-16 weeks.

The costs will depend on the selected scope of work, but it's worth noting that the savings generated by SAP Ariba allow for a return on investment already 18 months after implementation.


14 weeks

from the first workshop to the full
implementation of the project

save money

Starting from 35k Euro

depending on the scope of implementation
and number of generated documents

Why Apollogic?

Many years of experience and a specialized team of consultants make us appreciated by clients from all over the world. Also, as one of the few companies in Poland, we have successfully implemented the SAP Ariba system before.

We offer:

reliable team of consultants with experience gained during numerous implementation projects

technical support also after implementation

integration of SAP Ariba with existing systems in your company

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Tomasz Radomski

VP, Digital Transformation Advisor

Tomasz Radomski