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Financial and accounting solutions for SAP systems

Software for tax transparency, compliance and legal reporting

Tools for financial and legal departments


SAF-T concerning CIT

Make your financial and accounting reports ready for new regulations on Poland



Solution for automatic dispatch and receipt of structured e-Invoices

Standard audit file

Standard Audit File

Comprehensive management of financial and accounting reports simplifying the tax control process

White list of VAT taxpayers

White list of VAT taxpayers

Automatic verification of bank account and tax number of contractors to maintain due diligence

split payment

Split payment

Choosing one of the available forms of settlement – using split or standard payment

Counteracting excessive payment delays

Counteracting excessive payment delays

Adapting SAP system to meet the new anti-payment backlogs regulations



Management of lease contracts
in compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards

currency converter

Currency converter

Automatic update
of currency exchange rates
in the SAP system

SAP Document & Reporting Compliance

SAP Document & Reporting Compliance is a solution from SAP to meet KSeF requirements in Poland and many other countries around the world.


Do you want to adjust your organization’s financial and accounting procedures to comply with the Ministry of Finance’s guidelines, fulfill reporting obligations within a single system, integrate company data from multiple sources, and automate crucial processes?

Choose solutions from Apollogic!

Business benefits

Compliance with the law

Legal compliance

We develop our solutions and adapt them to national and EU legal regulations

maintain the liquidity of financial processes


By using our solutions you will maintain the liquidity of financial processes and data flow in your organization

simplify controls of tax authorities through instant access to data


Tools from Apollogic provide comfort in daily work and significantly simplify controls of tax authorities through instant access to data

Process automation

Process automation

By integrating the solutions into your financial and accounting processes, you will minimize the risks associated with manual data entry

Discover a set of financial and accounting solutions for companies

Why Apollogic?

financial solutions

As an official SAP partner, we have many years of experience in implementing and maintaining SAP systems.

We offer customization of our solutions to meet your organization’s current needs.

Our certified consultants are experts in finance and accounting.

We integrate our tools with your company’s IT architecture.

We carry out full implementations, from customer needs analysis, through solution testing, to end-user training,

Our solutions are outstanding for their simple and user-friendly interface.

Do you need support with financial and accounting solutions for SAP systems?

Dawid Kornacki

Dawid Kornacki

Sales Manager