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We will help you use your systems effectively

Want to maximize the potential of the systems your company has? Properly tailored and comprehensive training will not only improve the operation of your organization but also guarantee its security. As a team of passionate and certified experts, we provide full preparation in the area of new technologies and modern tools.

Our trainings are based on convenient onsite or online workshops, where we provide not only theory but above all practical and ready-to-apply knowledge. A key element of our training is active work with the system and the creation of individual instructions for participants. At your request, we are ready to organize workshops directly at your company’s premises, adapting to individual preferences and needs, including in English.

We understand that each company has its own unique needs and goals. Therefore, we tailor our trainings and support to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

What trainings we offer

Systemy finansowo-księgowe

Financial and Accounting Systems

  • KSEF
  • JPK
  • Whitelist


  • Digital transformation
  • ADMA
  • Low-code & No-code
  • Using AI/ IoT in business


  • Power Apps
  • Power BI
  • Microsoft Azure

Do you want to learn more?


maximize the potential

You will maximize the potential of your systems by increasing the efficiency of your operations

Protect your sensitive information

By improving competence, you will protect sensitive information and prevent potential threats

process efficiency and automate labor-intensive activities

Increase process efficiency and automate labor-intensive activities


You will reduce delays and costs associated with technical problems

Sample training courses - SAP Ariba

Our training courses are designed for practical application in a business environment. We focus not only on imparting theoretical knowledge but above all on developing practical skills that participants can immediately apply in their daily work. As part of our training, we provide:


Case studies and simulations:

Participants take part in realistic case studies that reflect business situations related to the use of SAP Ariba. As a result, they gain hands-on experience in problem-solving and decision-making in a dynamic environment.


Hands-on workshops:

We organize interactive workshops where participants actively participate in practical scenarios related to the use of SAP Ariba functions. This allows them to directly apply the knowledge they have learned in a controlled training environment.


Solutions to real-world challenges:

We focus on identifying and solving real-world challenges that participants may encounter in their work. This enables them to acquire skills that are not only theoretical but also tailored to specific work situations.


Interaction with experts:

Our instructors, who have extensive experience in the practical application of SAP Ariba, engage participants in discussions, provide practical tips, and share their know-how, which helps participants understand how to effectively use the system in their daily work.

Other sample training

SAP Datasphere

You will learn how to make the most of the data you collect, eliminating the barriers associated with managing large volumes of data.

SAP Analytics Cloud

We will show you the entire portfolio of tools that SAP Analytics Cloud offers so that you can maximize its potential in your organization.

Why Apollogic?

apollogic team

The Apollogic team is a cadre of more than 100 experts specializing in the development of modern tools. In addition to prestigious certifications, they have many years of practical experience in implementing and maintaining solutions. This makes them realistically responsive to the needs of trainees.


Official partnerships with industry leaders like SAP, Microsoft, NVidia, and AWS confirm the competence, knowledge, and qualification of our consultants.

We have cross-cutting skills and knowledge

We have cross-cutting skills and knowledge of business processes and the latest technology solutions.

We provide a flexible model of cooperation

We provide a flexible model of cooperation by adjusting the subject matter as well as the way and place of training to your needs.

If you need more information about our services or are interested in cooperation, please contact us.

Joanna Krasińska

Joanna Krasińska

Lead Nurturing & Growth Specialist