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Application Management Services

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Free up time and resources in your organization. Hand over the management and development of your company’s applications and services to us and focus on your core business goals. With a professional approach to application management, you will more easily achieve efficiency, security and competitiveness.

As an experienced IT partner, we specialize in providing Application Management Services (AMS) to our clients. Our AMS offerings focus on providing end-to-end management and maintenance of business applications, allowing our clients to focus on their core business areas. Thanks to our technical support, regular updates, effective change management, performance optimization and ensuring compliance with current standards, our clients can enjoy stable and trouble-free operation of their IT systems. Our team consists of skilled professionals who have deep expertise and experience in various systems and industries.

Although we operate outside the organization as an Application Management Services provider, we are an integral part of your IT department, working harmoniously with internal resources to achieve excellent application performance.

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 The benefits of Application Management Services


Focus on your business

We will provide years of experience, expertise, and ensure the constant availability of dedicated teams, while you focus on growing your business.


Reduce costs

You will save money by paying only for the services actually provided, reducing fixed costs and operating expenses. In addition, by monitoring, analyzing and optimizing your processes, we will help you achieve maximum return on investment.


Ensure safety and compliance

We will ensure the security of your data and systems using the latest security standards. We also ensure compliance with current industry and legal regulations.

scale business

Scale the business effectively

Our solutions are scalable, which means we can adapt our services to your changing needs.

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Joanna Krasińska

Joanna Krasińska

Lead Nurturing & Growth Specialist

Find out if Application Management Services is for you


Are you in the process of implementing new technologies?

If your company is undergoing a digital transformation, our Application Management Services (AMS) will help you realize the full potential of the solution you are implementing.


Are you using SAP, Microsoft or AWS solutions?

As a partner of SAP, Microsoft, and an expert in AWS solutions, we specialize in providing solutions ideally suited to companies using these platforms. Our team consists of experienced professionals and certified experts in each of these technologies, ensuring that you receive the highest level of support.


Do you generate large amounts of data?

For organizations that generate and process huge amounts of data, we offer advanced data management and analysis solutions to help you use it effectively.


Lack of in-house resources?

If your company lacks the resources or technological expertise, our AMS services can fill the gap. We offer expertise and technical support that will allow you to focus on key aspects of your business while ensuring that your IT systems are managed efficiently and by the latest industry standards.


Do you operate on multiple systems and technologies?

If your business operates on a variety of systems and technologies, our AMS offering is ideally suited to your needs. We specialize in integrating and managing applications running in different technology environments, ensuring smooth and efficient operations in your organization, regardless of the complexity and variety of technologies used.


Need a comprehensive solution?

We offer end-to-end services that are ideal for companies looking for a single provider to manage the diverse aspects of their IT infrastructure and business applications.

Paweł Kozanowski

Using Application Management Services (AMS) is a strategic move for any company that wants to focus on its core business while being confident that their applications are being managed efficiently and innovatively. AMS not only saves time and resources, but more importantly, it gives you access to the expertise and technology that are key to achieving a competitive advantage.

Paweł Kozanowski, CIO Apollogic

Work methodology

When managing projects, we use various methodologies. The choice of project methodology depends on the type of project, its size, team, client requirements, and other factors. Hybrid approaches are also often used, combining different elements to better suit specific project needs and conditions. We work with:













Why Apollogic

Our Managed Services are the key to success in today’s dynamic business environment. Discover how we can help you achieve higher levels of productivity, security, and efficiency.


Multi-industry experience and expertise:

Apollogic's team of more than 100 experts is distinguished not only by its ability to create cutting-edge solutions but also by the extensive experience gained on projects for various industries. This versatility allows us to offer services that precisely address the unique challenges and needs of each company, regardless of the sector in which they operate.



At Apollogic, we understand that every company is unique. That's why our AMS services are tailored to each client's specific requirements and business goals, providing solutions that are fully aligned with your individual needs and growth strategy.


Advanced technology and innovation:

At Apollogic, we constantly invest in the latest technologies and innovations to keep our services at the forefront of technological advances. We have cross-cutting, constantly improving competencies and knowledge of business processes and the latest technological solutions.

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Joanna Krasińska

Joanna Krasińska

Lead Nurturing & Growth Specialist