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Cloud services

Access to all data and tools from anywhere, at any time

What is the cloud?

The transition from software installed in the company's infrastructure to a cloud solution is a journey from the physical to the virtual dimension, where the correlation between the equipment and resources available to the organization no longer exists. We stop buying licenses for desktop software and start purchasing computing power and disk space. At the same time, there is no further need to keep your data center's expensive infrastructure and the team responsible for its maintenance, updates, and proper functioning.

How do we respond to your company's needs?

Migrating to the cloud is a strategic decision that brings many benefits to businesses, from reduced operational costs to increased flexibility and innovation.
We understand that choosing the best cloud service, with such a wide range available on the market, can be difficult. That's why Apollogic's experts will take care of your company's digitisation process. They are knowledgeable about different cloud solutions, and through partnerships with leading cloud providers, they will understand your business needs and propose the best cloud solution to fit your organisation's needs.

Cloud solutions are made for companies:


Wanting to have all processes and projects under control


Requiring computing power adjusted to current business needs


Expecting unlimited access to data and tools from any location in the world

Ochrona i bezpieczeństwo

In which data security is essential

Choose an experienced and reliable partner offering cloud solutions!

Paweł Kozanowski

„The Cloud is a new era for IT systems and a measurable benefit for the business. Organizations can now have the resources previously available to leading IT companies, significantly optimize infrastructure costs, and respond immediately to market opportunities and changes”.

Paweł Kozanowski, Software Development Manager

Our offer

Implementation of Microsoft Azure, SAP Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services

Implementation of Microsoft Azure, SAP Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services

Implementation of Microsoft Azure, SAP Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Services

Developing a private, public or hybrid cloud solution

Migration of a physical IT solution to the cloud

Migration of a physical IT solution to the cloud

Cloud partners

aws partner

Through its partnership with AWS, Apollogic can deploy advanced and scalable cloud solutions that will increase the flexibility, security and operational efficiency of your business.


Apollogic as an official Microsoft partner has experience and competence in implementing cloud solutions based on Microsoft Azure.

Business benefits



Storing company data in the cloud prevents the risk of its loss due to equipment failure or human error.



It's possible to change the computing power of servers up and down, depending on current business needs.


Time saving

Time needed to update your company's software can be spent on current tasks.


Lower costs

Using cloud services means resignation from the physical infrastructure located in the company.

Trust a proven partner to help your business realise the full potential of cloud technologies.

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Joanna Krasińska

Joanna Krasińska

Lead Nurturing & Growth Specialist