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Our experts are a close-knit team of high-caliber professionals who are not only experienced engineers in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Edge AI but also passionate about future technologies.

At Apollogic, you will find experts who are unafraid of challenges and can approach any project with extreme creativity and commitment. Thanks to our diverse experience and deep technical expertise, we can effectively create innovative solutions, from the prototype to the final integration with cloud platforms, always with the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

The Internet of Things for your business means

remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

IoT devices enable monitoring from anywhere in the world.

optimise process

Optimise processes

Collecting and analyzing data from IoT devices, you can identify areas for improvement and optimize performance.

automating task

Automating tasks

IoT devices can automate many tasks, leading to time and resource savings without the need for human intervention.

improving security

Improving security

IoT devices can be used to improve security in areas ranging from environmental monitoring to fleet tracking.

personalize your services

Personalize your services

By collecting data from IoT devices, you will better understand your customers’ needs and preferences. This will help you deliver personalized and tailored services and products to meet their expectations.

The development of IoT has a significant impact on business, both for established companies and for new ventures. Therefore, companies that can harness the potential of IoT can gain a significant competitive advantage in the market. As the IoT ecosystem continues to grow rapidly, we can expect to see increasingly integrated, intelligent, and automated solutions that revolutionize the way we function, work, and live.

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What we can help you with

PCB design

Our team designs and manufactures PCBs, ensuring fast turnaround times - we create them in a maximum of 9 weeks. In addition, we provide software ideally suited to our client's needs, enabling remote control, integration into IoT infrastructure, and sensor data analysis.

Hardware design

Our IoT experts will not only take care of your devices but also provide rapid prototyping and advanced hardware design. Our offerings include PCB circuit design and firmware development, such as microcontrollers and embedded and modular systems.

coralnvidiaMicrosoft AzureAmazon Web Services

IoT cloud integration

Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can effectively integrate your devices with IoT Hub clouds. We ensure full compatibility and security of the data transferred, allowing you to easily manage and analyze the information collected. Whatever the size of your project, our team will rise to the challenge of providing you with reliable IoT cloud integration and data collection solutions.

iot core aws azure iot hub

Device data analysis and integration with other systems

We offer a comprehensive analysis of data collected from IoT devices and integration with various systems such as SAP, Microsoft Power BI, and others. In this way, we can provide valuable business information, enabling you to make informed decisions, such as identifying the most popular products on shop shelves, monitoring device status, or tracking customer behavior in-store.

sapPower BISAP Analityics Cloud


Apollogic has a dedicated team of experienced IoT and Edge AI engineers who specialize in hardware design, prototyping and construction, firmware development, and IoT cloud integration. RapidLab’s signature products represent cutting-edge solutions for data analytics, process automation, and improving operational efficiency through IoT.

Our top products

adGlimpse Pro

AdGlimpse Pro

With this solution, companies can accurately monitor the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns and better understand customer behavior. AdGlimpse Pro is a next-generation device that counts the people looking at an ad and analyses their facial reactions. Configured to monitor public spaces, this innovative solution automatically analyses audience engagement with the content they are viewing.

people counter

People Counter

Small devices with Time-of-Flight technology record each customer or employee as they pass through the door, transmitting data in real-time. This flexible solution can be easily integrated with various external systems and can be extended with thermal imaging technology. This allows companies to accurately monitor traffic and efficiently manage space and human resources.

face recognition

Face detection

It is a powerful solution for identifying people, managing queues, and improving security in commercial premises or public transport. It is based on an advanced face detection and recognition system. Our idea is to provide a reliable tool that can be adapted to meet a variety of business needs.

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Joanna Krasińska

Joanna Krasińska

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