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Digital supply chains

Expert support in SAP Digital Supply Chain modules

Give your business an edge with advanced IT support for supply chain management. In today’s rapidly changing business world, effective supply chain management is critical to the success of any company. At Apollogic, we understand the importance of making these processes not only efficient, but also flexible and adaptable to constant market changes. Our comprehensive support in Digital Supply Chain processes will help your company achieve these goals.

What is Digital Supply Chain? Digital Supply Chain is the application of advanced digital technologies to supply chain management processes. This includes automation, data analytics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other modern solutions that support efficient planning, execution, risk management and supply chain optimization.

Why use our Digital Supply Chain support?

increased operational efficiency

Increased operational efficiency

Optimize supply chain processes, leading to faster and more efficient flow of goods.

Increased flexibility and scalability

Increased flexibility and scalability

Ability to adapt quickly to changing market requirements and scale operations as the company grows.

cost reduction

Cost reduction

Minimize unnecessary expenses and losses through better management of resources and inventory.

Advanced data analysis

Advanced data analysis

Use data to better understand market trends, forecast demand and optimize business decisions.

Improved visibility and control

Improved visibility and control

Achieve full transparency of supply chain operations, enabling faster response to market changes and potential disruptions.

Integration with modern technologies

Integration with modern technologies

Implementing the latest technology solutions, such as AI, IoT and automation, for greater efficiency and innovation.

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SAP Digital Supply Chain modules supported by our experts

At Apollogic, we specialize in providing comprehensive support and implementations for key SAP systems, which are essential in managing a modern supply chain. Here are the main systems we support:


SAP Warehouse Management / Stock Room Management (WM/SRM)

We offer comprehensive warehouse and inventory management solutions that help optimize warehouse space, streamline picking processes and minimize inventory management errors.


SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)

Our SAP EWM services enable advanced warehouse management, including automation of warehouse processes, improved inventory visibility and efficient handling of complex warehouse operations.


SAP Transportation Management (TM)

We specialize in optimizing and automating transportation processes, which allows for more efficient planning, execution and monitoring of all transportation activities, as well as reducing transportation costs.


SAP Yard Logistics (YL)

We provide support in managing yard logistics, which includes optimizing vehicle movement on the site, managing gates and docks, and efficiently scheduling loading and unloading.


SAP Materials Management (MM)

Our SAP MM services help you effectively manage your materials, including optimizing purchasing, inventory management and cost control, resulting in better performance throughout the supply chain.

Paweł Różycki Apollogic

Digitalization of the supply chain is the key to business efficiency. The application of advanced technologies, such as AI or IoT, not only optimizes processes but also ensures flexibility and predictability in a dynamic market environment. The support of our SAP Digital Supply Chain experts constitutes a pass to the future of automated and intelligent supply chain management.

Paweł Różycki, Digital Transformation Advisor

Why should you leverage our expertise in SAP Digital Supply Chain?


Experienced partner

As an official partner of SAP, Microsoft, NVidia, Raspberry Pi and others, we have extensive experience and deep knowledge in implementing and integrating solutions from leading business software leaders. Our team of experts provides professional advice and support at every stage of the project.


Innovative solutions

At Apollogic, we develop and deploy innovative cloud applications that leverage the latest developments in artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and mixed reality. We tailor our solutions to the specific needs of each company, allowing for maximum operational efficiency.


Comprehensive services

We offer a wide range of services, from business needs analysis, system design and implementation, to support and maintenance. We specialize in integrating a variety of SAP solutions to create a cohesive and efficient operating environment tailored to your company's specific requirements and business processes.


Personalization and scalability

We understand that every business is unique. That's why our solutions are fully customizable and scalable to meet the individual needs and requirements of your business, both now and in the future.


Support every step of the way

At Apollogic, we focus on long-term relationships with our customers. We offer ongoing support and advice to ensure that your systems are always up to date and effectively support your business operations.

When you choose Apollogic, you are choosing a partner to help you accelerate your company’s digital transformation and achieve new levels of efficiency in supply chain management.

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Joanna Krasińska

Joanna Krasińska

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