The new generation of data warehouse

The SAP BW/4HANA data warehouse is the so-called single source of truth,
used for reporting, analysis, and planning. Thanks to it, you integrate data
from different sources in one place. Additionally, it can connect perfectly
with bigger containers like SAP Data Hub.

SAP BW/4HANA easily integrates with diversified source systems, including:

sap analytics cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud



big data

Big data

technologie chmurowe

Cloud technologies

SAP BW/4HANA means even 80% less database size.
Start benefiting from the performance of this solution and provide your company agile digitization.

SAP BW/4HANA implementation means:

High efficiency

Usage of SAP HANA as the SAP BW engine significantly decreases the computing space necessary for data storage. Time of data processing can be shortened thanks to in-memory mechanisms. In specific cases, it also guarantees you the possibility of presenting it in real-time.


SAP decided to meaningfully reduce object types, simplify data flow and to abandon complex structures. It is possible thanks to the newest database technology which SAP HANA represents. For you, it means much faster development of solutions, in comparison to the traditional approach to database technology

Comprehensive access

SAP BW/4Hana allows to significantly simplify all connections between warehouses and other source systems. With this simplification, all data can now be centralized and managed and accessed from HANA. Thanks to it you gain comprehensive insight into business information, downloaded e.g. from social media. BW/4HANA means standard or real-time access to your business data.

Friendly interface

BW/4HANA introduces a set of improvements regarding user interfaces. There are user interfaces tailored to, developers, administrators, and business users. This improves the general efficiency of the system. We can provide you with the faster implementation of the newest functionalities. Platform management became clearer, and thanks to the integration with SAP Analytics Cloud, you can verify a company’s condition in a fast and effective way.

Organized and secured information thanks to the fast and efficient warehouse.
Ask us how to step into the newest dimension of data management.

Our offer


Migration from older SAP BW systems

SAP BW/4HANA consulting

Extension of owned BW/HANA environment with new business areas


Business benefits


Simple integration with SAP systems

We will connect your BW/4HANA with different SAP systems, including the whole SAP Business Suite, thanks to rapid integration.

sap analytics cloud

Single source of truth

Creating a single logic at the warehouse level will free your organization from the need of maintaining multiple copies of the same data, freely modified by their owners.

big data

Big data and social media integration

By investing in SAP BW/4HANA you open yourself to the utilization of bit data.We will extend your business data with meaningful information from beyond your systems.

szybszy rozwoj

Quicker development

You will save the time needed for implementation of certain business areas thanks to the model simplification.


Real-time data

Using SAP HANA engine will enable you to directly access transactional data through ERP systems.

nieustanna transformacja cyfrowa

Continuous transformation

Out of concern for your business growth, SAP ensures constant development of applications and platforms. We know the development plan of every product up front.

Interested in SAP BW/4HANA possibilities?