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360⁰ Customer View

Built on SAP Cloud Platofrm

What is 360⁰ Customer View?


360⁰Customer View is a business application which won SAP HCP Startup Challenge, connected with the use of an innovative in-memory SAP Cloud Platform (formely SAP HANA Cloud Platform) environment. Author’s product is dedicated to financial and selling departments. A central point of the solution are personalised views of chosen customers, providing the user with express access to the most important information about business partners, such as contact details or related transactions.

This solution also enables customer segregation according to indices such as turnouts or a credit limit. Modern UX Design allows for instant access to key data connected with a chosen contracting party. Apollogic’s business application may use information from SAP on-premise (SAP CRM and SAP ERP) and extend it with data from the Internet, Google Maps, Coface, and even social media, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Innovative SAP Cloud Platform environment enables the integration of data from many sources and their real time processing. Their safety and storage in Europe is guaranteed by numerous ISO certificates.

Business benefits

Key customer data in one place

360⁰ Customer View generates views of respective customers with the most important data and contact guidelines.

Integration of data from many sources

Thanks to HANA Cloud Connector, 360⁰ Customer View is able to combine data with many systems, which, among others, include SAP CRM and SAP ERP.

Offline mode

Access to applications without connecting the Internet enables searching for required information in all the conditions.


The application operates on all the devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

User-friendly and simple interface

Thanks to HTML5, CSS3 and SAPUI5 technologies this solution has an intuitive and legible user’s panel.

Real time data processing

SAP HANA platform is able to process data immediately through an innovative in-memory technology.