ETL Tools

Preparing data for further analyses

What are ETL tools?

The quantity of data processed and collected every day in contemporary companies requires an efficient environment of data warehouse, which will enable instant access to critical information. But before the insight into the data gathered is possible, they must be cleaned and prepared – this is a task for ETL tools.

ETL solutions (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) support the optimal designing of the data integration processes (mostly coming from various sources), guaranteeing their quality and coherence. These properties constitute a necessary basis of the effective building of business analyses.

SAP Data Services, Informatica Power Centre, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, Pentaho Data Integration – these are only a few from ETL tools which we use so that our customers can gain a competitive advantage owing to certain and complete information in the company.

The first step is the choice of a solution best matching customers’ needs. Apollogic offers specialist services of designing ETL processes, based on technologies supplied by the largest companies from the IT sector and also supports customers in choosing solutions which allow for the use of the potential in the data collected as much as possible.

We offer designing data structures, integrating and servicing loading processes. We ensure the continuity and integrity of such processes, integrity of the data storage system, as well as maintenance of the already existing extraction and loading processes.

Our offer

  • Data structures analysis
  • Data modelling
  • Data flow designing
  • Extension of the existing processes of data flows
  • Optimisation of the existing data flows
  • Supervision over the correct course of data flow

Business benefits

Efficient preparation of data for further analyses

ETL Tools enable the extraction, transformation and loading of data.

Access to the newest tools from the most reliable producers

We offer data warehousing services such as Oracle and Microsoft.

Data cleaning and preparing for the requirements of data warehouses

ETL processes allows for deleting unnecessary information, thus enabling further treatment of clean data.

One information source

Thanks to ETL process data from various sources are available in one place in the form ready for further analyses.