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ETL Tools

Preparing data for further analysis

What are ETL tools?

Having many disparate systems we want to be able to connect and analyze data coming from them. The amount of information processed and collected every day in modern companies requires an efficient data warehouse environment that allows immediate access to critical information. However, before insight into collected data is possible, it must be transformed and prepared – ETL tools are responsible for that.

ETL tools (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) support optimal design of data integration processes (usually coming from various sources) guaranteeing their high quality and consistency. These features constitute an indispensable basis for high-end Business Intelligence systems. The data can be obtained from legacy systems, existing databases, and cloud, hybrid or on-premise environments.

Pobranie danych z zewnętrznych źródeł



Downloading data from external sources

Przekształcenie danych do odpowiedniej formy



Converting data to the desired form

Załadowanie danych do Hurtowni Danych



Loading data to Data Warehouse

The first step is to choose the solution that best fits your needs. Apollogic offers specialized ETL process design services, based on technologies provided by industry leaders, and supports customers in selecting solutions that will allow them to make the most of the collected data.

We work with many ETL tools

sap data services
microsoft sql server integration services
azure data factory

SAP Data Services, Informatica Power Center, Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services, Pentaho Data Integration, Azure Data Factory – these are just a few of the ETL tools we use to help our customers build a competitive advantage by collecting reliable and complete enterprise data, which we can also transform into valuable information using data analysis and reporting tools.

Our offer

We offer data structure design, integration and maintenance of loading processes. We ensure the continuity and integrity of these processes, the integrity of the data storage system, as well as the maintenance of existing extraction and loading processes. We can also analyze your current ETL/ELT processes.

Do you want to use full potential of ETL tools in your organization?