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Interactive visualization of business data

Tableau is a data visualization tool that is primarily used in the area of Business Intelligence, but is not limited to it. With Tableau you can create modern, interactive charts and reports and create complex dashboards. Tableau is used in almost every industry. It allows for much faster and more accurate data analysis, and thanks to its intuitive operation it is more friendly for business users.

See a sample report generated in Tableau:

raport tableau

Tableau will change the way you work with data

bazy danych

Faster analysis by processing large amounts of information

Decyzje podejmowane na podstawie danych a nie intuicji

Intuitive and easy to use dashboards


Decisions based on data, not intuition


Easy sharing with colleagues

Automatyczne i zaplanowane aktualizacje źródeł danych

Automatic and scheduled updates of data sources

Easy and fast integration possibilities with other systems

Karol Kuchta, Business Intelligence Developer

You know Tableau is a good choice when business users ask you for additional training because they've grown so fond of working with the tool.

Karol Kuchta, Business Intelligence Developer

Our offer


Implementation and configuration of the tool


Creation of reports and business analyses


Integration of different data sources with Tableau


End-user training

See what working with Tableau looks like

Why Apollogic?

Wieloletnie doświadczenie 
i kilkadziesiąt zrealizowanych na Tableau projektów

Many years of experience and dozens of projects completed using Tableau

Nasi konsultanci to certyfikowani eksperci z zakresu finansów 
i księgowości

Group of certified consultants, developers, solution architects

Komplementarny zespół pozwalający na integrację

A complementary team allowing for integration with other systems and data collection from IoT sensors

Jako autoryzowany Partner SAP mamy wieloletnie doświadczenie

Official Partner of Microsoft and SAP with experience in implementing cloud solutions

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Paweł Różycki

Paweł Różycki

Business Development Manager