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BI and AI on Microsoft Azure

Intelligent analytics in the Microsoft Azure cloud

Modern Business Intelligence solutions allow you to draw conclusions and build predictions to help companies anticipate customer needs and demand. It is becoming increasingly important to find intelligent ways to unify data, report and visualize the current state of the company, and derive valuable insights from recommendations based on artificial intelligence indications.

Microsoft Solutions Partner in Data Analytics

Microsoft Solution Partner, Data & AI, Azure

As a Microsoft Gold Partner for Data Analytics, we deliver value to your company with Microsoft products & services, focusing on creating Business Intelligence solutions, applying data science and machine learning to implement and run workloads on Microsoft Azure.

How can we support your business?


BI maturity audit & roadmap

Business Intelligence consulting and workshops for enterprises that want to know the readiness & maturity level of their organization data compared with market standards.


Data warehousing & ETL

Creating and enhancing data warehousing environ-ment to gather data from multiple sources, automate analytics and improve company’s data accuracy.


Data visualization

Advise in providing the right tool to visualize corporate data, preceded by workshops, consultations, solution development, or alternatively – migrating resources to the cloud.

Piotr Wisła Business intelligence

By leveraging Business Intelligence tools in the Azure cloud, our customers gain immediate access to a complete and intuitive environment that, with unprecedented ease of service scaling, allows them to create cutting-edge data analytics with the highest standards of security and full control over costs. Never before has BI combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) been as simple and easily accessible as it is now.

Piotr Wisła, Business Intelligence solutions Team Leader

Artificial intelligence

AI readiness assessment & roadmap

Defining a roadmap for those who know where to begin and for those who want to set an individual path to discover new value in operations and analytics with AI.


Machine learning expertise

Engineers and Data Scientists offer assistance across the entire data journey – from gathering business require-ments to building complete machine learning pipelines.


AI solutions tailored to your needs

Transforming your services and automating operations using potential hidden in your data. Getting insights from large amounts of documents and textual data (with NLP and NLU techniques), recognizing, classifying and tracking objects and behavior based on video and images (computer vision) or finding complex patterns in sensor or business data – we help you make it happen.


Production-ready solutions

Delivering scalable end-to-end scenarios using state of the art DevOps and MLOps techniques. Integrating with your existing systems and infrastructure.

Agata Chudzińska, Head of AI

We assist enterprises in executing digital strategies by carrying out complete data analytics projects, including in-depth data mining for a clear understanding of a business problem and building & maintaining secure and compliant data processing and machine learning pipelines.

Agata Chudzińska, Head of AI

Benefits of using Business Intelligence solutions
based on the Microsoft Azure platform

quick access

Quick access to customer information for immediate decision making

less structure costs

Lower infrastructure costs, easier scalability

user friendly

Understandable and user-friendly user-friendly data visualizations

data sources

Discovering relationships between data from different sources

data analysis

Comprehensive and multi-level data analysis

AI algorithms

Predictions and forecasts based on artificial intelligence algorithms

wspierane przez bi sql

Solutions driven by
SQL & Microsoft Power BI

How do we work?

Warsztaty i strategiczne doradztwo

1. Workshop & strategic consulting

Gathering business require-ments, starting points and ideas to understand client needs.

Warsztaty i strategiczne doradztwo
Wstępna propozycja

2. Solution concept

Technology evaluation, defining data analytics/AI strategy and establishing project goals.

Wstępna propozycja
Prototyp rozwiązania

3. Proof of Concept

Implementing data-driven business solution, presenting the results & receiving feedback.

Prototyp rozwiązania
Finalny produkt

4. Complete solution

Setting up data analytics environment, delivering AI model and integration with existing systems.

Finalny produkt
Uruchomienie rozwiązania

5. Go-live

KPI measurement, optimization of the AI model, post-imple-mentation support.

Uruchomienie rozwiązania
azure synapse analytics
microsoft power bi
microsoft azure cognitive services
azure data factory
azure machine learning

We help you find the value hidden in your data

Why Apollogic?

Partner w cyfrowej transformacji

Digital transformation partner

Experienced partner in delivering big data, advanced analytics and BI solutions as part of an overall digital transformation.

Przekrojowe kompetencje

Cross-cutting competences

Apollogic brings together a team of certified experts with interdisciplinary competences:BI Consultants, Solution Architects, Data Scientists and AI/ML Engineers.

Specjalistyczna wiedza

Strong technology expertise

We combine business under-standing with technology expertise to support customers in accelerating processes and utilizing existing data more effectively.

Zorientowanie na chmurę

A cloud-focused approach

We stand out for our familiarity with Microsoft products & services and ability to respond to dynamically changing customer needs in the cloud--oriented business reality.

Elastyczne podejście

Flexible delivery

With our experience in various project frameworks, we can provide you with services that meet the requirements for agile and classic delivery models.

Benefit from data-driven insights.

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Tomasz Radomski

Tomasz Radomski

VP, Digital Transformation Advisor