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Counting people with body temperature monitoring

Apollogic sp. z o.o. is conducting a project supported by European Funds – a Universal IoT device counting people and monitoring body temperature in public transportation and buildings powered by Edge AI. The project aims to create an IoT device that counts people and monitors body temperature in transport and facilities using AI algorithms that track a person’s movement within the device’s range. EU funding for the project: 990,905.95 PLN. The use of thermal imaging cameras prevents facial recognition of the counted individuals, which ensures their anonymity and allows us to measure body temperature and detect COVID-19-positive people.

How does it work?


The solution consists of two modules that operate independently and can be used individually. When working together, they communicate wirelessly, increasing the measurement accuracy.

A team of engineers designed and built an Edge AI device from scratch equipped with an Nvidia Jetson module and a connected thermal imaging camera. The artificial intelligence model developed as part of the project runs directly on Edge AI.

A camera installed above the passageway and monitoring in a broader perspective is used to count individuals while keeping them anonymous. A thermal imaging camera placed in front of passing people measures the temperature based on expert methods and fuzzy sets.

Benefits for your company


Automate people counting to improve customer service


Increased security by detecting people with raised temperatures


GDPR compliance through anonymous thermal measurements instead of video recordings


Live monitoring and ability to respond the real-time to increased traffic


Alerts and automatic notifications


Historical reports and statistics for better resource planning

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We offer testing in buildings and public transportation vehicles

The entire solution is supported by a cloud system that collects and analyzes data and then enables a real-time display of the results on any device.

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Use cases

Paweł Skiba

Apart from the high efficiency of our solution, an additional advantage is the guarantee of anonymity, since the use of thermal imaging cameras makes it impossible to clearly identify a specific person. In an age of overwhelming surveillance and its associated threats, our approach fully respects the right to be anonymous.

Paweł Skiba, Head of R&D project

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