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NIP Verifier

Check in the SAP system if your contractor is an active VAT payer.

Did you know that...

If your contractor is not an active VAT payer, the tax authorities may also impose a fine on you?

That's why should remember: check your contractors.

What is a NIP Verifier?

NIP Verifier is an application dedicated to the SAP system, enabling automated, mass and multiple verifications of the status of NIP numbers in the Ministry of Finance database and the EU VIES (VAT Information Exchange System) database.

Sprawdzanie NIP

What do you gain?

Calm and certainty that transactions executed with your contractors are not risky for you in the form of financial sanctions imposed by tax authorities.

Time, because the application allows you to check the NIP directly in your SAP system, thus you avoid the registration of accounting documents from inactive contractors.

A universal solution that uses databases including both Polish and foreign contractors.

Our offer

  • We will integrate the NIP Verifier with the SAP system,
  • We will extend the application according to your business needs,
  • And provide 3 months of free support.


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    Business benefits

    Verification of EU operators

    You will be able to check entities from all EU member states in the VIES system.

    Compatibility with the MoF

    Your contractors will be verified under the guidelines of the Ministry of Finance.

    Automatic block

    Counterparties that do not meet the requirements of the tax authorities will be automatically blocked.

    Access from SAP level

    You will gain access to applications in your SAP system.

    Real-time data updates

    The solution will provide you with an instant data update thanks to the online connection to the Ministry of Finance and VIES databases.

    Intuitive navigation

    The application will allow you to easily and efficiently verify the NIP numbers of both domestic and foreign contractors.

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