SAP Fiori

Creation and development of SAPUI5 applications

What is SAP Fiori?

SAP Fiori is a set of modern web applications, created by SAP, in order to provide users with easy and fast access to key data. They are written with the use of SAPUI5 technology, designed based on the newest practices of User Experience. SAP Fiori applications, dedicated to SAP Business Suite, supply users only with significant data, necessary for the fulfilment of their tasks. Personalised, responsive and simple interface tools guarantee convenient and versatile work.

SAP Fiori applications are consistent with the newest standards of designing interfaces:

  • Based on roles – designed for the user, based on its needs and adjusted to the individual working method,
  • Responsive – available on every device,
  • Simple – they focus on most important data and/or processes, presenting them in a clear form,
  • Cohesive – provide users with a uniform experience,
  • Intuitive and aesthetic – ensure ergonomic and pleasant work.

In addition, upon customer’s request, we offer the extension of the standard functionalities of applications. We also guarantee the performance of any application based on SAPUI5, ensuring full flexibility and adjustment of its functionalities to the company needs.

We offer the implementation of standard SAP Fiori applications of all the types:

  • Transactional
  • Analytical
  • Factsheets

SAPUI5 as a leading technology

SAPUI5 is the key technology of creating modern applications in SAP AG offer. Solutions based on this technology are characteristic for flexibility and wide range of use.

SAPUI5 and SAP Workflow

SAPUI5 supports complex transactions both in SAP system, as well as business processes beyond the system.

SAPUI5 provides cohesive access to information

SAPUI5 ensures access to dispersed resources with the use of a single application.

SAPUI5 ensures data integration

This technology enables combining all the data – from SAP tables, company’s databases, Excel, Access files, into one application – you obtain access to all the data in a single place.

Our offer

  • SAPUI5 development
  • Writing and extending SAP Fiori application
  • SAP Business Workflow
  • Applications in HANA Cloud Platform
  • ABAP
  • SAP Netweaver

Business benefits

Simple and intuitive interface

SAP Fiori is a set of simple and intuitive applications which you can use freely on various devices – computers, tablets, smartphones and smartwatches.

Fast access to data

Shared start screen (SAP Fiori Launchpad) provides instant access to necessary applications.

Rapid implementation

The implementation of standard SAP Fiori applications is rapid and you obtain business benefits right away.

New User Experience

Handling everyday tasks by means of SAP Fiori application is a new quality of work for you and your employees.

Most important information, clear views

SAP Fiori applications are based on roles, thus gaining access only to the selected, most important functions.

Effective work

By means of SAP Fiori your employees may quickly fulfil the following tasks: creating purchase orders, tracking orders or monitoring key rates.