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Efficient cloud database

By combining the cloud’s scalability and flexibility with the speed and efficiency of the SAP HANA database, you will gain access to a revolutionary solution for managing information processed in real-time. Within a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) model, SAP HANA Cloud integrates all types of data and provides a reliable environment for running custom business applications.

Benefits for your company


Scalability of resources

With fast upward or downward scaling, you can tailor your data storage capabilities to your business needs. Subscription fees depend on storage, number of users and bandwidth.

Centralne przechowywanie danych

Central data storage

By choosing SAP HANA Cloud, you will improve your organization's resource management by integrating data from multiple sources and in different formats.

wygodny model płatności

Lower total cost of ownership

Unlike the on-premise version, users of SAP HANA Cloud can use a modern database without the need to purchase new hardware, separate space for new servers, and incur expenses related to hiring IT administrators.

Take advantage of cloud computing

Why is it worth to move your data to SAP HANA Cloud?



SAP HANA Cloud users get faster access to updates and new features that SAP offers.

Rozwiązanie dostosowane do potrzeb

Responding to organization needs

The platform sends out notifications about the possibility of extending storage space and processing power or removing unnecessary data, which will increase productivity

Wdrożenie hybrydowe lub w chmurze

Hybrid or cloud deployment

Users of the SAP HANA on-premise do not have to resign from the existing solution – the local version can be enhanced with cloud capabilities.

Optymalizacja kosztów

Cost optimization

SAP HANA Cloud users pay only for the resources they utilize.

SAP HANA Cloud is a solution addressed to companies that want to:

  • Simplify their IT landscape and facilitate data management within the organization
  • Take the next step on the way to a successful digital transformation
  • Run advanced business applications within a single cloud solution
  • Protect confidential information and increase the security of data processing
  • Get real-time insight into business data
SAP HANA Cloud to rozwiązanie adresowane do firm

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Paweł Różycki

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