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Create a convenient and accessible board with the most important links

This simple and intuitive application is designed for any company that uses Microsoft Teams. With it, you’ll gather the most important links, for example, for task management, reporting technical problems, or the knowledge base, in one place that’s easily accessible to everyone, without remembering to give them to a new employee in the onboarding process. Teams will use the app as a central access point to any needed resources.

How does ClipIT work?

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Clip IT
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Benefits for your business


Improving access to tools

With this tool, every employee can easily access the necessary information and tools that are crucial to the performance of their duties.


Effectiveness of the on-boarding process

When implementing new employees, you can quickly and efficiently provide them with the necessary resources for their work. An integrated link management tool makes it easy to communicate all relevant information regarding processes, applications or training.


Centralization of resources

The application allows the centralisation of all necessary links and resources, making their management more efficient and structured.

When you want:


make it easier for employees to access key tools and information


facilitate the on-boarding process


centralize all relevant links and resources


group inks into logical categories and sections


receive a personalized application

Basic functions


Add, edit and delete links to various tools, applications and resources


Grouping links and resources into logical categories and sections to help organize information


Direct embedding of applications in Microsoft Teams for easy access and integration with existing work tools


A dashboard that users can customize to their needs and preferences depending on the uploaded base

ClipIT w Microsoft AppSource

Attendic w Microsoft AppSource

Create an easily accessible dashboard with links to the most important tools needed for your organisation.

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Meet Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps

ClipIT was built on the Microsoft Power Apps development environment, which enables the creation of professional tools to modernize business processes. Solutions built with the help of Power Apps easily integrate with Microsoft platform services.