Data warehouse consulting

Processing huge amounts of data

What are data warehouses?

Data warehouses are another stage of the technological development after relative databases. Unlike the latter, information collected in data warehouses are ordered and optimised in a specific scope. Data collection in respective data warehouses is segregated according to themes. They come from many various sources which despite dispersion can be integrated easily.

The warehouse architecture is focused on the maximisation of the searching speed and possibly the most efficient analysis of content. Company customers make use of this type of solutions by means of data search systems (such as OLAP). We offer the range of services connected with the analysis of customer’ requirements, building of the warehouse, creation of ETL transformations, data cleaning, providing them to reporting/applications, process monitoring, optimisation of efficiency and data quality management.   

Our Offer

  • Consulting in selecting a technology
  • Designing the architecture of data warehouse
  • Implementation of data warehouses
  • Maintenance of data warehouses

Business benefits

Integration of data from many sources

Warehouses differ from older solutions in combining data from many systems which may be read out later.

Access to key information

By means of advanced methods it is possible to obtain instant insight into the most important information of companies.

A wide range of integrated information from varied sources

We ensure combining data from various sources as well as cleaning and selecting most important information and its visualisation.

Thematic segregation

Information included in the data warehouse is classified according to a theme.

Efficient and effective data analysis

Our team with specialists in Business Intelligence and Big Data delivers fast and effective data analyses.

Access to the newest tools from most reliable producers

We offer services of data warehousing from producers such as Oracle and Microsoft.