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IoT in the Microsoft Azure cloud

Collect and analyze data from any device

Collected and processed data is the new currency of the digital world of the XXI century. Small devices collecting gigantic amounts of information are able to completely change the way a company operates, increasing its efficiency, speeding up and automating processes and adding new functions to the existing ones.

IoT Azure
IoT w chmurze

Why IoT on Azure Cloud?

Benefit from a ready-made, proven platform chosen by the biggest companies

Automate manual processes to reduce costs

Use Azure’s consistent environment to quickly test your idea

Don’t replace your company’s devices – increase their capabilities by adding IoT

Paweł Skiba

The data collected from devices brings so many benefits that companies that do not have an IoT strategy will be marginalized and will find it difficult to survive in a highly competitive global market.

Paweł Skiba, IoT Solution Architect

Utilizing the potential of intelligent devices will take your company
to a whole new level of digital transformation

usługi chmurowe


Available from anywhere in the world, unlimited computing power



Gathered data is processed directly on an offline device



Collecting data from multiple devices and sending it to the cloud



Artificial intelligence algorithms turn random numbers into processes, trends and reports

IoT in the Microsoft Azure cloud is a solution with unlimited potential

Data Security-Shield-Cloud-Network-Protection


Starting with the device itself through the transfer to the cloud process and the applications used

fast time

Quick access

Ready-to-use preconfigured elements to speed up the most popular processes


Easy to combine

Connect any device, operating system, software or service



Quick and easy access to unlimited computing power resources

Our offer

Your path IoT

Your IoT path

We will analyze the processes in your organization and help you find automation potential using IoT.

Szybkie prototypowanie

Rapid prototyping

In a short period of time we will build a prototype of the device and test it in real conditions while collecting data in the cloud.

Integracja IoT z Twoimi procesami

Integrating IoT with your business processes

We will automate processes in your company enriching them with IoT and prepare them for analysis using artificial intelligence algorithms.



Adding IoT sensors and connecting your devices to the Internet will enrich them with new functionalities to better harness their potential.

Proof-of-concept ze środowiskiem naukowym

Proof-of-concept with the scientific community

As a member of the Digital Innovation Hub, we will arrange for you a workshop ending with POC in cooperation with academics and scientists.

For each of the implemented solutions, we offer support in the patenting process. Discover a product that we have prepared under the RapidLab brand.

Why Apollogic?


+100 people in the team including certified engineers, developers, network specialists, architects, consultants, designers


Cloud Solution Provider and official Microsoft Partner with successful smart solution implementations


Many years of experience working for large and medium-sized companies, knowledge of business processes and innovation implementation


Possibility to use remote prototyping quickly, reducing the cost of proof-of-concept construction

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Paweł Skiba

Paweł Skiba

IoT Solution Architect