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Microsoft 365 platform

Collect and analyze data from any device

Microsoft 365 is a secure and user-friendly cloud environment that gives you access to all the tools you need anywhere, anytime, on any device. The innovative platform combines well-known applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook with advanced cloud services – OneDrive, SharePoint, and Azure Bot Service.

Benefits of using Microsoft 365 ecosystem in the cloud

A set of office applications and services in the cloud


A set of office applications and services in the cloud supports a culture of collaboration within the organization by facilitating the flow of resources and data synchronization on all devices

Well-known and easy to use tools have been enhanced with cloud features

Digestible technology

Well-known and easy to use tools have been enhanced with cloud features

Convenient payment model

Convenient payment model

With the cloud-based subscription service, you don't pay for a one-time purchase but a recurring subscription fee

Always up-to-date versions

Always up-to-date versions

Updates and application synchronizations are automatic, so you can be sure you have the latest version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and many more



Built-in data protection tools will protect your organization from external threats and information leaks

less structure costs


You can create the necessary business applications or extend the tools you already use

Office 365 for business

Office 365 is a set of well-known tools available from every device. With a suite of constantly evolving applications, you’ll give your employees access to the information and content they need to work more effectively.

Microsoft Excel


Build spreadsheets using your own or ready-to-use Microsoft Excel templates and perform calculations with thoroughly designed formulas

Microsoft Word


Take advantage of Microsoft Word's well-known word processor, save documents to OneDrive and share them with other users

Microsoft Power Point


Design effective presentations and keep up to date with all changes made to files by other users

Microsoft Outlook


Use always up-to-date inbox, send and receive messages and track appointments using the calendar built into Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Teams


Stay in constant contact with your team members and maintain good work organization by participating in video conferences

Microsoft OneDrive


Access your OneDrive files and photos from anywhere, on any device

Share Point


Improve collaboration within your organization by sharing files, data, messages and resources with other teams

Power Platform capabilities

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI

Connect to all your data sources and create reports based on analysis of key performance indicators

Microsoft Power Apps

Power Apps

Build your own
mobile and desktop applications without the need for coding expertise

Microsoft Power Automate

Power Automate

Automate digital
processes in your
organization and optimize team workflows

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Microsoft Power
Virtual Agents

Design AI powered chatbots that answer customer, visitor or website user questions around the clock

Piotr Wisła Business intelligence

"Using Microsoft technology, you will get a complete view of your company's operations and improve the decision-making process. With Power BI, you can connect to numerous local and cloud data sources such as Dynamics 365, Azure SQL Database, Salesforce, Excel, and SharePoint, gaining an insight into key performance indicators in one place, updated in real-time and available on all devices".

Piotr Wisła, Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

Microsoft Dynamics 365  Customer  Engagement

A unified platform will help you better understand your customers’ behavior, proactively respond to their needs and build long-term business relationships. Collaborating applications enable synchronization of sales and marketing activities with customer service, tracking historical purchase data, and automating tasks. Using Microsoft’s CRM software, you will provide your organization with a greater return on investment and maintain competitiveness in the marketplace by delivering the products and services your customers expect.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

  • Increase sales effectiveness
  • Build long-term relationships with your customers
  • Make the right decisions based on centralized data

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

  • Run multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Direct your advertising message to defined groups of recipients
  • Create customized messages to meet your audience's needs

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

  • Automate contact forms to provide quick answers to questions
  • Make it easy for your customers to contact your service department
  • Provide the highest standard of service in every interaction with your company

Our offer

Power Platform

Implementation and maintenance of solutions:
– Power BI
– Power Apps
– Power Automate

Modern Workplace Cloud Soultions

  • Providing office tools from Office 365 suite – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneDrive, Teams
  • Improving Office 365 with Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM – solution supporting sales, marketing and customer service processes
  • Combining Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Microsoft HoloLens glasses

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Official Microsoft Partner

As a certified partner, we specialize in providing solutions based on Microsoft technology


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We have years of experience in transforming business processes by using market-leading cloud tools


Customer focus

We will help you define your needs and propose a solution that will meet your business goals


Comprehensive service

We offer consulting, audits & implementation, migration and integration of solutions


Wide range of competences

We create custom solutions and enrich existing applications with functionalities using artificial intelligence algorithms

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