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SAP Sales Cloud

Smart sales tailored to today's businesses needs

SAP Sales Cloud is a cloud sales automation system. With a variety of features, including predictive analysis and 360° client profile generation, you can increase and streamline your sales processes

Sales automation process

Real-time sales data analysis

With predefined dashboards and built-in reports, you can keep track of new transactions progress

The right people in the right place

Find out which of your salespeople has the best customer relationships and create the perfect team

Managing customer profiles and sales opportunities

Enables fast data update and instant system synchronization

Don't give up on your favourite tools

Integration with MS Outlook, Gmail, Lotus Notes and Evernote gives you the power of a full client data synchronization

Predictive analysis

It enables the identification of customers with the biggest potential. Your sales team will appreciate machine learning mechanism that predicts transactions with a greater completion chance

Simplified integration with SAP ERP and CRM

It will allow you to efficiently provide sales team with information on financial performance, product availability and other data necessary to establish a lasting customer relationship

Real-time Scoring

Find out which leads are more likely to succeed and discover new sales opportunities

Your salespeople always up to date with sales data

Thanks to automatic distribution of price lists and offers

Sales Effectiveness Management

With SAP Sales Cloud you can:

  • increase revenue
  • achieve your goals
  • create an efficient and effective sales team

A comprehensive SAP solution will prepare your salespeople for success. SAP Sales Cloud allows sales representatives to increase revenues through territorial planning and forecast analysis based on performance trends

Automate sales and increase profits

Configuration of the price offer

Configure your price offer and efficiently determine market trends
Find out which products sell most often: to whom, when and at what price



Simplified system configuration and handling process will allow you to eliminate errors and increase the efficiency of your salespeople

ustalanie cen


Let SAP Sales Cloud perform complex price calculations for you and take advantage of product recommendations

kanał i partnerzy

Channel and partners

Upgrade your support for all sales channels by accessing online self-service system, also on mobile devices



Improve customer service with a simplified e-commerce solution



Choose independence: Manage your data and business processes without the need for IT support

obieg dokumentow


SAP Sales Cloud allows you to fully automate complex approval processes and streamline document flow.


Cloud revenues

Order placement and billing processes can be simplified and synchronised with a solution that allows you to dynamically plan, innovate and adapt the system to the ever-changing needs of the market. SAP Sales Cloud offers an automated approach to invoicing and order processing

An intelligent billing solution based on a 360° client view will allow your team to achieve the sales targets

Provide smart support for salesman

Effective training of sales representatives is of considerable importance for the successful completion of transactions with customers. It is crucial to implement sales solutions that have a real impact on the financial result.

The easy-to-use training system, which is part of the SAP Sales Cloud, is useful not only for sales, but also for customer training

Retail sale

Sell the right product at the right place, at the right time and at the right price. Salespeople will appreciate the mobile SAP Sales Cloud solution, which allows them to prioritize daily tasks, plan trips and control visits. The ability to view promotions and marketing campaign results makes it easy to track your return on investment

SAP Sales Cloud

Instant access to special offers data

Your sales representatives can plan their visits on an ongoing basis


Ongoing improvement of campaigns and promotion

With key shop information, sales and marketing managers can make the best decisions

SAP Sales Cloud

Efficiency improvement

Store inspections, competition audits and planogram audits using image processing based on artificial intelligence systems


Race out your competitors

Use information from store visits to make fast decisions about product placement, price adjustments and promotions

SAP Service Cloud is part of SAP Customer Experience Suite (SAP C/4HANA) - discover its capabilities!