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SAP Ariba Snap!

New procurement possibilities for small and medium-sized companies

Apollogic unlocks money companies didn’t know they had in purchasing departments providing new means for savings in a transparent and fully digitalized way within 14 weeks!

SAP Ariba Snap system

It takes only 14 weeks for the total deployment and go-live of the solution!

Why SAP Ariba Snap! is for you?

Take advantage of fast-to-configure, packed solution

Ariba Snap! gives you an opportunity to decide which of SAP Ariba packages are the best for your business. Our procurement specialists can then implement and configure all the functionalities you need to boost your procurement processes. So, don’t waste your money on time-consuming and low-value tasks. Automate them with a world-class procurement system.

Get the access to the biggest supplier base on the market

Buying smarter isn’t just buying at the lowest price. It’s knowing everything about your suppliers and using that knowledge to be a stronger negotiator. It’s also being connected to a diverse network of high-quality suppliers. Thanks to Ariba Snap! you can quickly discover collaborative partners who will not only lower your costs but also minimize your risks. With all procuring and contracting processes ensuring compliance.

Simplify document flow including invoicing

In today’s business, with tons of documents to process, efficient document flow becomes a great challenge. With Ariba Snap! You can rid yourself of the paper contracts or invoices. The solution enables you to automate, standardize, and speed up the entire document flow in your purchasing department. Thanks to electronic documents management you can increase productivity, compliance and save costs.

Shop and approve from an app

Ariba Snap! provides you with a friendly and intuitive user interface available on any device. Thanks to it you can easily find goods and services from the preferred suppliers and with negotiated for your company prices. This can significantly increase efficiency and ensure convenient work. With Ariba Snap! you are able to focus on what’s the most important and manage all your data on a single, web-based platform.

Limit deployment costs thanks to fast 12-week go live

We are able to take your business live with SAP Ariba Snap! in under 12 weeks! During this period of time, we guarantee to implement you chosen procurement foundations at the minimum of complexity. So don’t wait too long and start benefiting from this fast time to value cloud solution.

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Check the requirements to make your procurement easy with Ariba Snap!:

Annual revenue of <1B EUR 

Integration to only one ERP system 


Fast time-to-value

Achieved with 12 weeks go-live.


Average reduction of price per unit

Modular solution

Providing flexibility, low implementation costs, and easy maintenance.

Automated procurement processes

Including contact management and electronic invoicing.

Best built-in practices

Simplifying and digitizing your procurement processes.

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