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Real-time data analysis and reporting

Innovative high-performance in-memory database delivers entirely new data collection and analysis capabilities that were previously unavailable due to limited hardware performance. SAP HANA offers access to data processed in real-time, facilitating strategic decision making.

Benefits for your company

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Analysis of large volumes of data

Database from SAP is not only a reliable analysis and reporting solution. SAP HANA also offers advanced integration capabilities for all types of data – structured and unstructured.


Analytics and reports at your fingertips

SAP HANA platform is designed to move data from traditional hard disks to physical memory, providing greater performance for transactional and analytical applications.


Scalability that meets business needs

Database from SAP combines the storage and processing capabilities of multiple data types into a single, scalable solution, so you can easily adapt the platform to your organisation's changing needs.


Integration with SAP systems

SAP HANA platform integrates with SAP systems, including SAP Business Suite, SAP Business Warehouse, and business data reporting and analysis tools.

Why is it worth choosing SAP HANA?

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SAP HANA database

  • Data is processed in memory
  • Allows both column & row based data storage
  • Built-in data compression mechanisms
  • Memory-based processing is up to 3600 times faster than hard disk operations
  • Real-time data analysis and reporting
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Traditional database

  • Data is stored on the hard disk
  • Allows only row based data storage
  • No built-in data compression mechanisms
  • Lower performance caused by having to load data from files on the hard drive
  • No real-time data analysis and reporting

SAP HANA is a solution addressed to companies that want to:


Get instant access to all types of data


Create next-generation business applications for any device


Increase the security of data stored within the organization


Manage IT landscape more efficiently


Transform raw data into reports, visualizations & predictive analytics

Our offer

Implementation variants

  • SAP HANA standalone
  • Migration of your current IT landscape to SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA for SAP Business Warehouse
  • SAP HANA for SAP Business Suite – SAP ERP, CRM and SCM systems

Additional services

  • Building and developing applications for SAP HANA
  • Installation of a Big Data environment based on SAP HANA
  • Administration of SAP HANA platform
  • Integration with other SAP systems and tools

Unleash the potential of next-generation database

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