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SAP HANA Vora and Smart Data Streaming

Highly interactive Big Data analytics

What is SAP HANA Vora?

SAP HANA Vora is a tool based on Apache Spark environment, used for the optimisation of queries in the memory and combination of data from various sources. This technology is a response to the current business trend, which is gathering voluminous data, known as Big Data.

Apollogic ensures a complementary offer related to the implementation and configuration of SAP HANA Vora solution, query handling, and also data visualisation in tools, such as Apache Zeppelin and SAP Lumira.

SAP HANA Vora is a solution especially attractive to companies which already have SAP HANA database and which implemented Hadoop technology. SAP HANA Vora integrates both systems, which provides organisations with new possibilities in the scope of data processing and combining them with business data stored in ERP systems. It also allows for preparing analyses based on data from Hadoop system, including the creation of hierarchy and multi-dimensional views. By means of the compilation of queries to language C, SAP HANA Vora obtains up to 20 times higher speed than individual Apache Spark.

Event processing in real time by means of SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming

SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming is an event stream processing technology which enables real time processing of voluminous streams of events, such as stock market, geolocalisational, industrial data, traffic on websites or data collected from RFID sensors and combining them with information from SAP HANA.

Apart from operations, such as filtering, aggregating or enriching raw SAP SDS data, this technology provides a range of advanced analytical tools such as recognising patterns or machine teaching algorithms. What is also innovative here is continuous processing, which is a dynamic analysis of data flow enabling, among others, the automatic adjustment of machine teaching models instead of classical teaching based on historical data.

Combining the tool with applications based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform or SAP HANA environment allows for information processing in real time and complex event processing (CEP). This integration allows for collecting data on events from any sources, filtering, modifying, active monitoring of incoming information, and generating alerts and notifications based on them and displaying visualisation on legible dashboards, which fosters internal processes in companies.

Our offer

  • Implementation and development of products based on SAP HANA Vora and Smart Data Streaming
  • Integration of SAP HANA Vora and SAP HANA SDS with other SAP systems
  • Modelling the flow of stream data SAP HANA SDS
  • Reporting, analyses and data visualisation
  • Creation of manager’s cockpits functioning in the real mode

Business benefits

Access to analytics and visualisation

SAP HANA Vora enables simple generation of reports and presentation in legible visualisations. By means of SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming the user gains access to advanced analytical tools and dynamic algorithms of machine teaching.

More efficient decisive process

Tools for processing SAP data facilitate taking strategic decisions and drawing correct conclusions. SAP HANA SDS allows for the effective detection of opportunities and risks. It is possible owing to continuous data processing in real time and pattern recognition.

Fully used data

SAP HANA Vora allows for connecting data from the systems like SAP ERP with Big Data (Hadoop) data, which ensures wide analysis possibilities. SAP HANA SDS offers a more detailed look at respective processes, through enriching business data with data from IoT sensors, social media and others.

Processing of data and events in real time

SAP HANA Vora and SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming ensures a range of functionalities used for processing, storing and reporting company data.


SAP HANA Vora enables twentyfold increase of query speed compared to other Big Data solutions (such as Apache Spark).

Permanent control over the company

Constant monitoring of current activities is possible owing to manager’s cockpits, including indices and rates changing in real time.