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Microsoft Teams

Stay in touch with your team from any place and device

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative workflow center that brings together everything your colleagues need to enhance productivity and achieve better results. With a breakthrough tool from Microsoft, you can organize a live conference for people from your organization or outside, record a meeting in the cloud, send it to participants, and share all types of files with the people you’re working with.

Key features of Microsoft Teams

video call

Video conferences

Connect with your colleagues and contractors from any place in the world. With Microsoft Teams, you can organize a virtual meeting, conduct a job interview, give a sales presentation, or train an employee.

Udostępnianie ekranu

Sharing the screen

Share your screen with other video conference members so that everyone can see the same content at the same time. Sharing your desktop, browser window, or file will improve communication and allow you to focus on the most critical issues during the meeting.



Discuss with video conference participants before, during, and after the meeting. You can start both individual and group chat and add new members at each stage of the discussion.

Integracja aplikacji

Application integration

Automate your resource flow by moving key applications to Microsoft Teams. Use cards, bots, and other features integrated directly into your work environment.

Współdzielenie plików

File sharing

Access all types of files via links or by uploading them directly to Microsoft Teams. Shared files are automatically added to your document library.

Tworzenie zespołów

Creating teams

Do you want to start a discussion about the new project? Create a team in Microsoft Teams and set up a channel, i.e., a group conversation with teammates on a specific topic.

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Business benefits

Microsoft Power BI

Real-time cooperation

Sharing spreadsheets, photos, and documents with your colleagues and editing them in real time improves project management. Using the chat, you can mention selected users or entire teams and get their attention to enhance communication.

Microsoft Power Apps


Meeting organization and security management has never been so simple. With Microsoft Teams, you can hold a teleconference with an option to mute users, appoint speakers, and decide who outside your company can join the meeting directly and who should wait in the virtual waiting room until they are allowed in.

Microsoft Power Automate

Easy access to resources

With the help of the built-in search engine you will find the people you want to contact, as well as important discussions or resources you need at the moment. Store, share, and edit files in Microsoft Teams with built-in access to SharePoint, OneDrive, and OneNote services.

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