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SAP S/4HANA for customer management

The next-generation SAP CRM system

SAP S/4HANA for customer management is a mirrored solution of SAP CRM integrated seamlessly with SAP S/4HANA.

Business Benefits of S/4HANA for Customer Management

Unified Data Model

Unified Data Model

By injecting SAP CRM to S/4HANA system, the data model is harmonized, therefore much more simple.

New way of reporting

New way of reporting

The system provides access to business data in real time without the need for time-consuming data processing.

Simplified System Landscape

Simplified System Landscape

Instead of having two separate systems based on HANA database, there is only one, which means, that exchange problems are eliminated and company operating costs are reduced.

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

No middleware, therefore fewer errors, fewer bottlenecks, everything happening in one place. Faster and simplified processes. Less data exchange. Less space needed.

Faster implementation of sales-oriented processes

Faster implementation of sales-oriented processes

Instead of having Sales Process divided between two separate systems, the whole process is handled by one system starting with Lead and finishing on Sales Order. Thanks to this integration Sales Process is much faster and less problematic.

Effective Customer Service

Effective Customer Service

Aftersales processes are embedded into S/4HANA system together with Interaction Center, which allows Customer Service Employees to have all information needed  in real-time.

Our offer

  • Implementation of S/4HANA for Customer Management system in any available model
  • Migration of SAP CRM to S/4HANA system
  • Integration of the system with business applications
  • Extension with new functionalities
  • Consulting services
S/4HANA customer managment panel

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Customer Interaction Management


Service. S/4HANA for Customer Management has adopted functionalities of Service Management from SAP CRM, starting with Service Request through Service to Service Order. After releasing Service Order, Service Confirmation is generated. Customer Management part of S/4HANA is fully integrated across ERP modules, like logistics, finances and human resources, for example after releasing Service Order, items that are assigned to this document are pushed to logistics and controlling.

SAP offers as standard, two roles:


Service Employee Role

to support service technicians who need to manage customers, products, service requests, service order quotations and service confirmations

Service Professional Role

prepared for service managers or supervisors who have access to objects mentioned above with possibility also to create templates. Additional functionalities are among others cleansing cases

Customer Interaction Management. Employees of any kind of Contact Centers can use Interaction Center to handle inbound and outbound interactions and also to support help desks or technical IT Service Desks.

Interaction Center includes:

  • automatic account identification
  • interaction records
  • agent inbox for different kinds of documents including e-mails, knowledge management, agent guidance and out of the box integration with SAP Contact Center.

Sales. S/4HANA itself offers sales order management, but Customer Management part adds presales part.

Account Management

lets employees create new accounts and contact persons with duplicate check functionality to merge data and avoid creating duplicates.

Opportunity Management

helps sales team to manage and track sales opportunities in the pipeline. Opportunity stands for any potential sales deal that got validated and is being processed by the sales team.

Activity Management

introduces an activity as a business document used to record information, plan actions, create appointments and tasks. Activities can be created as follow-up documents, for example for leads or opportunities and can be visible in the calendar of an employee.

Lead Management

helps to automate presales process with prospects or customers. Leads funcionality provide information about a person potentially interested in purchasing goods or services. S/4HANA for customer management supports Leads generation, creation, distribution and qualification.

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