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SAP Ariba services

Suppliers & buyers support, solution consulting

Purchasing representatives and all specialists who want to broaden their knowledge on procurement process optimization and explore unknown SAP Ariba features are welcome to take advantage of the support offered by SAP Ariba certified consultants. Apollogic’s experts provide consulting services and solution management. SAP Ariba services are addressed to suppliers, buyers, and representatives of organizations that already have a functional SAP Ariba system.

Benefits for your company


Organizing the company's procurement processes more efficiently


Managing compliance more effectively


Maximizing the potential of SAP Ariba


Making best use of available resources


Increased process efficiency and automating time-consuming activities


Expanding into new markets


Improved accuracy of operational work


Responding immediately to changing market needs

Our offer

Szkolenia SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba solution consulting

We offer consultations run with workshop methods – we analyze your unique business needs, define starting points and discuss solutions that can be implemented. An integral part of the training is working with the system and preparing individual instructions.

For who?

  • Organizations that already use SAP Ariba
  • Companies that want to use the new features of their system
  • Purchasing managers who want to organize internal training courses
Konsulting i szkolenia dla dostawców Enterprise

Consultation and training for Enterprise suppliers

With years of experience and market knowledge, our consultants provide consulting services to users of the world’s largest digital marketplace – Ariba Network.

For who?

  • Suppliers starting out in the Ariba Network
  • Suppliers who are expanding their Ariba Network account
  • Suppliers who want to integrate their system into the Ariba Network
  • Enterprise suppliers using Ariba Network and looking for training offerings in account management and navigation, building customer relationships, file preparation
Onboarding nowych dostawców

Suppliers onboarding

During one-on-one meetings, we support buyers who want to simplify B2B transactions and collaborate with trading partners by global marketplace Ariba Network, and in order to do so, need assistance in communicating with suppliers.

For who?

  • Organizations that already use SAP Ariba
  • Buyers and purchasing category managers that need post-implementation support,
  • assistance in implementing new purchasing categories and communication with suppliers about collaboration through the Ariba Network
Rozwój systemu

System maintenance

We have the expertise required to expand the SAP Ariba system and enhance its core capabilities to meet your organization’s current needs.

For who?

  • Buyers who already have SAP Ariba and are planning to expand it with additional process
  • templates and forms, uploading contracts and catalogs
Wsparcie w zarządzaniu procesami zakupowymi

Support in managing your procurement processes

SAP Ariba consultants offer support in end-to-end management of your procurement processes to get the most out of your implemented system.

For who?

  • Purchasing representatives who need support in preparing new process templates for SAP Ariba Sourcing, RFQ purchase forms for
  • SAP Ariba Guided Buying, or adding new contracts in SAP Ariba Contract Management
Administracja katalogami

Catalog administration

We offer a file maintenance service and help with mass data updates to assist suppliers and buyers with time-consuming tasks.

For who?

  • Suppliers and buyers who don’t have the resources to administer files on an ongoing basis
Marta Kaczmarek Apollogic

SAP Ariba is a modern and comprehensive solution with modules for end-to-end management of procurement processes, addressing all needs of buyers and suppliers. Organizations that benefit most from SAP Ariba are those that can make good use of the system's potential by adjusting its capabilities to reflect their processes and conditions of business landscape. Well-thought-out solution development and employee training will help you increase work efficiency and therefore make maximum use of your organization's resources.

Marta Kaczmarek
SAP Ariba Consultant

Why Apollogic?

Silne partnerstwa

Official SAP partner

As an authorized SAP enterprise software provider, we have experience in implementing and maintaining solutions that optimize business processes.

Doświadczony zespół

Qualified team

Our team comprises experienced procurement systems experts, solution architects, and certified SAP Ariba consultants.

Kompleksowe wsparcie

Project experience

As one of the few consulting companies in Poland, we have successfully implemented SAP Ariba.

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Tomasz Radomski

Tomasz Radomski

VP, Digital Transformation Advisor