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SAP Commerce (Cloud)

Universal omnichannel platform

What is SAP Commerce Cloud?

SAP Commerce Cloud is e-commerce system which is used for managing sales activities and customer commercial data. The solution owned by SAP AG allows for unifying sales processes in all the channels and in consequence, it increases the satisfaction and involvement of customers. The platform is available in SaaS, i.e. Software as a Service.

Integrate all sales channels. Unify your offer.

SAP Commerce Cloud is an omni-channel solution which ensures versatile possibilities of reaching a customer. This system enables interaction with a customer by means of countless number of integrated sales channels, such as: e-shops, WWW, stores, social media, mobile devices, mailing, call centres or printed materials.

Handle complex sales transactions from anywhere in the world.

SAP Commerce Cloud facilitates the implementation of complex business sales and sales coordination owing to the effective management of many roles of buyers and users. This e-commerce system also supports many languages, currencies and tax rates, which facilitates expansion to new markets.

One solution. Two approaches.

SAP Commerce Cloud provides company customers with unique and personalised Customer Experience, which ensures convenient and simple moving around the shopping platform. Easy and intuitive servicing fosters the increase in loyalty and sales in a company. This solution is dedicated to companies operating both in B2B and B2C sectors.

SAP Commerce Cloud – B2C solution

Currently, one of the major challenges for salesmen from B2C sector is providing a personalised and coherent shopping process, starting from familiarising with an offer to purchasing a product or a service, regardless of a device chosen. SAP Commerce Cloud supplies a unique technology which combines traditional selling channels with e-commerce, thus a customer may count on a uniform service in every company contact point. Companies may conveniently obtain information on recipients.

SAP Commerce Cloud –B2B solution

With consideration of B2C shopping experiences, B2B consumers expect an equal service quality. SAP B2B Commerce solution provides B2B companies with easier cooperation with many entities, such as: suppliers, distributors and shops, on a single platform. This programme allows for the integration of all the elements of a selling process and a selling related process, which include: a product offer, service offer, suppliers’ catalogues, stocks, agreements, customers’ data and orders.

Hybris Commerce for B2C - features

Owing to the central content management system (CMS) and product data management (PCM), this solution guarantees a uniform offer and coherent data in all selling channels

This system allows for conducting many shops on one platform, which is particularly important to global companies which have many brands in their portfolio

A coherent and uniform shopping process in all the channels guarantees the increase in satisfaction and loyalty among customers

The consolidation of orders fosters the effective delivery of products ordered by means of various selling channels

This platform supplies a system for monitoring customers’ behaviours which enables encouraging customers to shopping in an appropriate moment and in the most appropriate form

The system users may easily and intuitively create, manage and modify website content

This programme guarantees unique scalability, flexibility and efficiency, thus companies may handle an unlimited number of transactions and orders

Hybris Commerce for B2C - features

This e-commerce system allows for servicing many business partners at the level of one platform, managing various business models and coordinating all the channels and markets

This programme ensures access to uniform content in all the channels

This system provides solutions popular in B2C sector, such as: personalised servicing, content and online navigation

This programme selects product catalogues, prices and products corresponding with the current needs of contracting parties

Owing to extended self-servicing, the system reduces administering costs and selling costs

This programme is known for easy and intuitive operation, and it also guarantees the efficient management of the base of partners and orders

This system enables the processing of complex transactions and creating compiled inquiries in real time

Our offer

  • The installation and configuration of SAP Commerce environment
  • The integration of a tool with SAP systems
  • Extending the existing instances with new functionalities
  • The modification of standard functionalities
  • Advisory services within the scope of environmental functionalities.

Business benefits


The system is a multi-channel e-commerce platform which allows for conducting many e-shops and complementary customer services.


This programme allows for controlling all selling channels from one platform.


Central content management ensures content cohesiveness in all the channels which foster better customer service and building loyalty to a company.

Integration with systems

This e-commerce system fully integrates with SAP ERP and CRM systems, customers’ ordering systems and web-services.

The optimisation of logistic processes

SAP Commerce Cloud allows for managing orders placed by means of various channels, regardless of a reporting location, which facilitates order fulfilment and guarantees timely delivery.

Efficiency and scalability

SAP Commerce Cloud allows for servicing up to 20 mln goods and 6000 transactions per second.


SAP Commerce Cloud is perfect in managing a sales process in B2B and B2C sector.

Customer Experience

System provides unique experiences, such as: efficient self-servicing, optimal navigation, product recommendations and personalisation of advertisements.

Extension possibility

Owing to the open architecture, the system offers the possibilities of its extension with new functionalities and channels, such as mobile systems, printed catalogues, call-centres.