SAP Cloud Platform

Innovative SAP cloud environment

What are your business needs?

less structure costs

You want to extend the functionality of your SAP solution without disturbing the most important business processes in your organization

Cloud services

You plan to expand your solution portfolio with cloud services from SAP or Microsoft


You need an easily accessible mobile or web solution without affecting your company's infrastructure

SAP Cloud Platform is a PaaS (platform as a service) cloud platform that offers a wide range of possibilities to integrate solutions and create business applications. What does it mean for a company? First of all, the possibility of the digital transformation of business processes. SAP has decided to put the cloud at the center of its strategy, developing products for users expecting efficient architecture, easy access to all solutions, and sharing data while maintaining the highest security standards freely.

With ready-to-use blocks such as Data Enrichment (based on artificial intelligence), Autoscaler (automatic launch of additional application instances in case of increased demand for service), or Big Data Services (Hadoop cluster), creating new solutions or extending existing ones becomes possible with little effort.

What can we do for you?

wydajne środowisko


Platform guarantees high efficiency through calculations carried out in SAP HANA operating memory, which facilitates making accurate decisions based on data processed in real-time

ochrona danych


SAP focuses on the security of its cloud services, which means that each product meets the highest data protection standards. With SCP, a server room failure will not affect the business processes in your organization

bezpieczne połączenie

Safe connection
with your infrastructure

Connection to SCP doesn't require transferring corporate resources to the general network. With SAP Cloud Connector, you can easily specify which data and from which systems you want to keep on cloud. The connection is made through an encrypted tunnel based on a reverse proxy, which additionally protects your resources

prosta integracja

Simple integration with cloud tools

With the help of SAP Cloud Extension Factory, integration with systems such as S/4HANA and C/4HANA will become easy to carry out

sprawdzone rozwiązania

Proven solutions

With cloud services offered by SAP, Microsoft, and Amazon, you can easily enrich data, analyze or improve your business processes with ready-to-use and tested modules

mobilny dotęp

Mobile access

With SAP Fiori embedded in SCP as a gateway, your employees will be able to access the execution of business processes using mobile devices outside the organization's internal network

Platform capabilities

Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry

Fast application development and deployment via highly scalable architecture

SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori

Modern business application layout increasing productivity and minimizing user training costs

SAP Extension Factory

SAP Extension Factory

Easier automation of the integration process between systems

Piotr Ożga

"The SAP Cloud Platform paves the way for the digital transformation of businesses and accelerates innovation – with this solution, you can not only learn about cloud computing capabilities but also improve your organization's business processes with ready-to-use cloud services at low cost".

Piotr Ożga, Software Development Team Leader

Our offer


Building advanced business applications

in a secure cloud environment


Preparing the solution architecture

to integrate the platform with the client's current system


Expanding SAP on-premise solutions

with the possibilities offered by the cloud, without having to migrate completely to the cloud


Audit of ready-to-use solutions

carried out by experienced Apollogic experts

Get to know our application built on SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform
SAP Cloud Platform

Why Apollogic?

  • We've established a strategic partnership with two business software market leaders – SAP and Microsoft.
  • We're a three-time winner of the InnovMatch Challenge – a contest in which companies developing applications based on the SAP Cloud Platform environment compete.
  • Our team consists of experienced solution architects and certified SAP consultants.
  • A wide range of competencies allows us to provide services not only in the area of SAP solutions. We'll compare the available market possibilities and give you a reliable recommendation.

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