SAP Cloud Platform

Unique Database and Application Development Platform

What is SAP Cloud Platform?

SAP Cloud Platform (formerly SAP HANA Cloud Platform) is an environment which allows for creating autonomous cloud applications, extending the existing applications operating in the cloud, and also boosting the functionality of systems operating on-premise with new possibilities offered by clouds. This platform is a key element of SAP Cloud Strategy, combining on-premise systems with the cloud.  Currently, it is provided as PaaS, Platform as a Service. It means that customers pay only for the service of using the environment which can be used in any manner. Users do not have to care about updating or infrastructure – this all is guaranteed by SAP.

Furthermore, SAP Cloud Platform includes HANA database, thus providing a user with access to the processing of in-memory data and rich analytical functionalities of this solution. It significantly boosts the processes and by means of certified data centres it guarantees data safety at the top level.

SAP Cloud Platform by means of HANA Cloud Connector exchanges data with any SAP installation or other on-premise system, and also with HEC (Hana Enterprise Cloud) and any cloud or on-premise solution. 

360° Customer View App

As Apollogic for many years we have been creating solutions based on cloud computing. One of the newest solutions is a web application dedicated to sales and financial teams – 360° Customer View. Its central point are personalised views 360 degrees, which guarantees instant access to the most important information on customers, such as contact details, related transactions or financial indices. The application, in 2015, won in the international competition HCP Startup Challenge, connected with the use of an innovative in-memory SAP Cloud Platform environment. View our competition video!

Our offer

  • Building complex business applications based on SAP Cloud Platform,
  • Extension of SAP on-premise solutions with new possibilities provided by the cloud, without the need for complete migration to the cloud,
  • Extension of solutions in the cloud such as SAP By Design, SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP Ariba, SuccessFactors, SAP Jam,
  • Supplying ready-made applications such as Fiori, gamifications, analytical, financial, IoT, mobile and many others,
  • Extension of the existing customer’s applications,
  • Preparing a solution architecture, e.g. for the integration of a platform with the current system in the company.

Business benefits

Efficient environment

Platform guarantees high efficiency by means of data processing in SAP HANA operational memory.

Wide possibilities

So far, over 1000 applications have been created based on HCP, including: IoT, analytical, financial, Fiori, gamification and mobile applications.


This solution holds international safety certificates and guarantees availability at the level of 99,9%.

Mobile access

This environment is available from the level of all the devices.


SAP Cloud Platform provides over 40 predictive algorithms.

Integration with SAP systems

This platform fully integrates with SAP solutions, including: S/4 HANA, BOC, CEC, Ariba and SuccessFactor.