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SAP integration with Microsoft Teams or Slack

Connect your system with a workplace communication app

By establishing communication between your SAP environment and Microsoft Teams or Slack channels, you can optimize your organization’s workflows and improve the efficiency of key processes. As a result of the integration of both solutions, the most relevant data will be available at your fingertips, increasing the work quality and facilitating cross-team collaboration.

Benefits for your company

Using a messaging app to support business processes

Accessibility from desktop and mobile devices out-of-the-box

No need to build a separate user interface

Direct push notifications about new documents

Enormous expansion potential

Instant notifications and updates on key processes

Quick operation

Ability to create separate conversations for each document

“In large companies handling multiple business processes, a series of operations must be performed every day, requiring approval from managers, who need the right tools to ensure that all operations run smoothly and as cost-effective as possible. Logging into the SAP system from a laptop and through a standard SAP GUI application is inconvenient and inefficient, and the lack of access from mobile devices can be a major obstacle. It's worth choosing a solution that will enable logging in from any device and allow quick and easy execution of similar actions, which until recently were carried out directly in the SAP GUI or required developing a separate application”.

Tomasz Sobkowiak, EdgeUI Manager, SAPUI5 Consultant

Do you want to be guided through the whole process step by step?

“To facilitate establishing a connection between SAP and Slack, we created a custom integrator module to transfer data from SAP to Slack and vice versa correctly. The protocol used for communication is HTTPS. With our integrator, we can handle the vast majority of business processes. The next planned and already started phase of R&D work is creating an SAP <-> Microsoft Teams integrator, which will offer similar capabilities as the one connecting SAP with Slack”.

Łukasz Milczarek, SAPUI5 Consultant

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SAP system integration with Microsoft Teams or Slack

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Why Apollogic?

Cross-cutting competencies

Our team consists of developers designing advanced mobile and desktop solutions, custom tools integrating with Microsoft and SAP software, as well as simple applications using low-code and no-code approaches.

Long-standing project experience

Our many years of experience enable us to streamline business processes and accelerate workflows by connecting IT systems and applications. We’ll provide integration of the solution into your corporate IT architecture.

Microsoft and SAP authorized partner

As an official partner of Microsoft and SAP, we implement, maintain, and integrate solutions from the enterprise software leaders and advise on choosing the solution that best meets individual business goals.

Do you want to integrate your SAP system with a messaging app?

Paweł Różycki

Business Development Manager