Customer relationship management system

SAP CRM is not only an IT tool, it is also a philosophy of building long-term relations with customers.
It’s one of the key on-premise platforms offered by SAP. The solution responds to the need to acquire new customers and maintain and develop relationships with customers already associated with the company.

Rather than seeing a potential client in every human being,
we should see a human being in every client.

Ph. Kotler

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SAP CRM Sales allows organizations to manage sales activities such as reducing the sales cycle, improving team performance, increasing revenue and achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty. It helps the organization manage the final sales cycle across all channels.


In today's marketplace, customers expect more in terms of services in the organization. SAP CRM offers a complete comprehensive solution for the service business and helps to increase customer loyalty and profitability of the organization.


It is one of the key elements of customer relationship management and is used for central planning of all marketing activities and their effective implementation throughout the organization. The Marketing module includes analysis of market segments and identification of valuable customers.

Interaction Center

SAP CRM Interaction Center (IC) allows consultants to effectively and efficiently handle service, sales and marketing transactions. Employees associated with Interaction Center can access all information related to administration, maintenance and analytical reports to provide highly efficient individual (B2C) and corporate (B2B) customer service.


SAP CRM Analytics provides tools for analyzing individual customers and discovering the best ways to service them. It is used to measure performance, predict customer behavior & value and plan success.

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Business benefits

Understanding of business partners

Customer history in one place gives you the opportunity to offer more customized services in the future.

Faster implementation of sales-oriented processes

Efficient access to data and decision support from the system allows focusing on proper customer service.

Identifying and responding to customer needs

Thanks to a well-maintained CRM system it is possible to correctly identify customer needs.

Effective management of marketing budget

More detailed customer data contribute to better segmentation and analysis of the potential of target groups.

Increased customer loyalty

Building more lasting relationships is the result of a better understanding of the customer.

Detailed analysis of the effectiveness of sales departments

Thanks to modern CRM systems, the management board is able to control the sales results of the company and their sources.

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