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SAP Cloud for Customer

Customer relationship management system in the cloud

SAP Cloud for Customer – formerly SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer and SAP C4C – is a customer relationship management system in the cloud. Based on the SAP HANA database, the solution offers advanced predictive analytics so users can anticipate sales trends and use the resources necessary to generate offers and complete transactions. By integrating sales and omnichannel customer service activities inside a single tool, you can build strong and lasting business relations and increase your competitive advantage.

SAP Cloud for Customer consists of two components

SAP Cloud for Sales

SAP Cloud for Sales

Deliver exceptional sales experiences with predictive analytics that enables identifying customer behavior patterns and predicting future events.

SAP Cloud for Service

SAP Cloud for Service

Build long-term customer relationships and engage them through multiple communication channels – social media, email, phone calls, and face-to-face interactions at the selling point.

Business benefits


Integration with SAP systems

The solution integrates with on-premise and cloud SAP systems, including ERP, CRM, SAP Business One, SAP JAM, InsideView, D&B 360, Xactly and more.

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Access to real-time data

The cloud CRM system is based on the SAP HANA platform that enables real-time data processing.


User Experience

SAP Cloud for Customer is a responsive and intuitive solution. With SAP Fiori and the latest web technologies, working with the tool is smooth and convenient.


Expandable functionality

With an open architecture, it's possible to adapt standard applications to the organization's needs and add new apps: SAPUI5, Lumira Reports, and many others.

Cost optimization

Due to cloud technology, SAP Cloud for Customer has low implementation costs and no maintenance fees. The system may be provided as a service within a few weeks.

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Standalone solution

The solution is fully functional without integration with other systems. SAP Cloud for Customer can also operate in a hybrid model.

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Environment configuration


Integration of the tool with SAP systems


Extension of the existing instances with new functionalities


Modification of standard functionalities


Consulting on the functionality of the environment

Gain a contextual understanding of customers in real-time

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